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Monday, February 17, 2003
Snowed in

The advantage of a great mind, when all anyone cares about is my body. Maybe I'm watching too much T.V.

Naked Cowboy on Joe Millionaire

Up on my schoolwork.

Almost 100% for the first time in almost 3 weeks.

Not cherry pie in the lobby for President's Day. How corny is that?!

That Michael Jackson has enough money to buy three kids and everyone plays along with the fiction that they are his.

Nothing since Wednesday. For shame!

The peace rally on Saturday, because I was still sick.

I am...A complete bum these days. I did not leave the building from dinner time Friday until 3 this afternoon. No need to -- food, cable, laundry, internet and friends all in the building.

Friday evening, I walked home from an errand at school. I had to stop to pant the cold air. It threw me into a coughing fit.

Instead, I've slept a lot and finally shook this viral infection. Thank goodness for the three day weekend, I needed the rest. I didn't do enough reading, but I did manage to do some and some silly site stuff that I hadn't found the time for.

I am glad to be in school and that I'm in a job with friendly coworkers, but I really needed some time alone, especially to get well. There was no medical treatment for it, except to get lots of rest and liquids.

It's no accident the Hermit card comes up in every tarot reading, I vant to be alone. Sometimes, at least.

: : :

Coming out of my building.

Facing west from my building. That's a fire hydrant half-buried in the snow in the middle of the picture

Car buried in snow in front of my building.

It was easier to walk in the middle of the street than on the sidewalks, on both the Avenues and streets.

More cars on my street.

The glove on a fence reminded me of Laverne & Shirley.

Walking in the middle of Sixth Avenue.

Trudging across Sixth Avenue.

Snow drifts on Sixth Avenue.

North on Sixth Avenue.

South on Sixth Avenue.

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Looks like home! -
Devon, in Ottawa, Ont. Canada.

Posted by Lucky Troll @ 02/18/2003 03:57 PM EST

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