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Friday, February 14, 2003

To surprise a coworker with a wedding shower after her boyfriend suddenly decided to get married on Valentine's Day.

When Cute Boy at work said, "Or, you could just say, 'Hey, we did something nice for you, come on over.'" in response to the sneaking.

Out with the nerd I like(d) and the woman he says he's fucking. They both talked to me, but hardly to each other. Good and weird.

Caviar for the first time, on a blini at Uncle Vanya's. I didn't end up liking it. It reminded me of Freshen Up, aka "Cum Gum" with the disconcerting bursting in my mouth.

Home from school and man, it's friggin' cold out there. School's just close enough that it's not practical to take a subway or bus, but far enough crosstown and uptown that my ears have time to freeze. I hope March is more mild.

A lot, but not everyday, as I should. Still, a vast improvement. Just being in the workshop gives me ideas on how to take my writing to new places.

The old soul, "Let's Stay Together, " "Son of a Preacher Man," "Best of My Love," etc.

Nerd Boy's direct phone number on an ad for an arts series at Non-Prophet. Ha ha ha ha ha! Sucks to be him.

I am...Fresh out of excuses. It's obvious why I haven't been writing. Just getting to and from work and school, especially in this weather, is enough. Then there's all the reading I'm so behind on. I am glad for the three-day weekend from both school and work, so I can catch up.

Oh yeah, and there's the impending DOOM...yippee!

: : :

So, a week ago, I was in good shape. I had the brain guy, I had the boytoy, and all I needed was a sugar daddy. Now things are funky with the brain, the boytoy talked too much and I'm back at square one. Feh!

: : :

I wasn't entirely lost in my Spanish 3 class last night, but I probably should have signed up for Spanish II. The program guideline was to take Spanish II if one only had a year of Spanish, and Spanish III if one had two or more years. I signed up for Spanish III, since I took three years in high school and a semester in college.

Considering it's been 10 years since I took a Spanish class, I followed it well. My vocabulary is still good, but forming sentences is awkward. Didn't help that I missed the first class last week, due to this unending viral infection.

I didn't speak a word in Spanish. Or English. When she elicited volunteers to read some Pedro Neruda poetry, I looked in every other direction, but the instructor's. I will have to find a conversational partner, there can be no shortage of Spanish speakers in NYC.

Regardless of my lack of confidence in Spanish and my sheer exhaustion, it beats the hell out of not having my mind stimulated.

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