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Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Sloshing in the City

Kids throwing snowballs, adults sloshing through the snow.

Green-wood must look lovely right now. I hope the snow holds out until the weekend. It's not far from the boy-toy's place.

Phrases like "Emma Peals of laughter" and "Hand Solo" (the latter refers to masturbation, I've probably used it here before).

Better, almost completely. Hooray!

A pedicure, lip and eyebrow waxes. I was tired of feeling (and looking) like Sasquatch.

She's pure as New York snow. She got Betty Davis eyes.

Anti-war haiku.

Lisa being courted by the Seven Sisters on The Simpsons. And a [George Plimpton] hot plate! And the Spellympics! "A place for dorks." I loved that the Spellympic rings contained the vowels, AEIOU.

To Bryn Mawr, because things were too up in the air for me to complete my Smith application by February 15th, what with starting school, the viral infection and still not knowing if I will have a BA or not by June/August/December.

Getting out of work at 3, due to inclement weather. Most of the professional staff was snowed in at a convention out of town, so not like it was a stressful day to begin with.

When I arrived, the CFO announced I was perhaps the 12th employee to make it in. We tried to determine if we had enough for a minion, including me and the other gentiles.

A Jewish girl singing the line "Living in a world of ghetto life..." on American Idol. Make it stop.

Urine Trouble: every once in a while, something leads me back to The Smoking Gun and I wonder why I don't read it more often.

I am...taking a lot of photos, if nothing else. This city looks that much more magical when it's covered in shimmering snow. Sludging, truding, sloshing, sliding, walking gingerly, but enjoying every moment.

Interestingly enough, it's not nearly as cold when it snows, so it's a joy to walk around after a good snow. For a moment, I just want to grab a handful, until I notice the yellow streaks.

: : :

Coming out of my building. It's a lovely block, any time of year. There's a church, an elementary school and several restaurants. The brownstones are gorgeous, too.

The same car in front of my building. The snow was supposed to stop last night after 7, but it continued until this afternoon.

I think I slipped and took this photo, thus the angle.

There was so much snow, I could not get to the bus stop, so I took the L and the 6 to work instead. It's about the same, because of the longer walk (two avenues from Grand Central, instead of 1-2 blocks from the bus stop).

Typhoon Lounge, East Village. You can't really tell in the photo, but I took it to capture the icicles hanging from the green lampshade. Later, I saw a silver pipe with even, icy bumps all over it.

This photo has nothing to do with the snow, but I pass it when I come back from therapy (now Therapy Tuesdays), and my mind is generally in the gutter. Except now it's full of snow and slush.

Sixth Avenue and W. 10th Street. Note the white car, almost completely buried under snow.

The Jefferson Market library. It looks like a castle or a monastary, but apparently it was built as a courthouse. It was also a women's prison at one time. The clock keeps time and sounds the hour, it was around 5 when I passed by.

There's something to having a giant clock in the neighborhood.
I am hell on watches and gave up on them completely a year or two ago. Conveniently, I also lived by the Dime bank clock tower in downtown Brooklyn.

Mound of snow on Sixth Avenue.

This week's wee doggie in the window -- Lassie!

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