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Sunday, February 9, 2003
Sick and Tired, but OK

If John C. Reilly is going to be in every movie I see from now on. I saw The Hoursthree weeks ago, Chicago two weeks ago, Gangs of New York tonight and rented The Good Girl from Netflix.

The Good Girl was going to be a harmless movie where a woman my age seduces a younger man. But alas...like my life, there was too much emotional trauma and not nearly enough sex.

To read. I finally received most of my books, so now I have several weeks reading to catch up on.

Like shit on a stick.

Jambalaya, hoping the spices would help with my congestion.

Home from Chelsea.

Verse, on the advice of my writing professor, who says everything I write has a "lyrical" quality.

To Weird Al's Running With Scissors, still one of my favorite albums. It's amazing that he can convincingly mimic all these different genres.

60s and 70s soul, like my own, private, afternoon worship service.

I am...too tired to even complete the entry about how tired I am.

Turns out, I had a viral infection. Luckily, I haven't had any stomach problems, just really exhausted. I never stay sick for more than a few days, so being sick for over 2 weeks has been weird.

My doctor was tiny, blonde and cute -- she seemed far too young to be a doctor. Her name was Doc Holiday. How cute is that?

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