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Monday, February 3, 2003

Still sick and entirely tired of coughing. It's to be expected, I was a bit run down.

Like yeast, used in the class next door to my writing class. I didn't smell it last week, but I still smell it at home.

Some papers back from my writing instructor. On each piece, she mentioned that there was a musical quality to everything I wrote. So I guess I'm doing better than I thought. I felt frustrated by some of the exercises. Partly, it was rushing from work, scarfing down dinner and getting to class in 80 minutes. Takes a bit of time to calm down and get into a writing mindset.

From a 4th-6th grade classmate, who I was strangely competitive with. Isn't it amazing that we've thought of each other many times over the last 20 years?

Getting into a cab and being told I should have been a model.


In class, which means I'm starting to warm up.

But I've got something else
I think you oughta try
I'll share the pain
and keep you sane
I'm not afraid to see you cry
'cause I could cry some, too

-"Right On, Baby Baby"
Dramarama, Hi Fi/Sci Fi

An essay exam to exempt me from writing courses at NYU. Think I did OK, we'll see in a few weeks.

I am...not going to be writing here much, I'm writing a lot for class and it doesn't look like I'll have a ton of spare time. I've been feeling like I'm chasing my tail these last few weeks.

I still don't have money for all my books. I was getting stressed about that, but finally realized there are no tests coming up before midterms. I should be able to catch up once I get them all, particularly with president's day coming up. That will be a reading day.

I'm about up to date for the writing class. The Psychology chapters are relatively short, so I can catch up quickly. That book is almost $100, so I might have to read it in the bookstore after class Wednesday or Thursday night.

It's the U.S. Foreign Policy course that's a killer. There were 4 chapters to read this week and it's not like they aren't both long and complex. I only have two of the books. My brain isn't quite back to Poli Sci land. It's all vaguely familiar. Just taking notes is bringing it back, though.

. . .

If I was feeling a bit slow, then Joe Millionare made me feel like a Rhodes Scholar. That Melissa chick alone was good for such chesnuts as:

"The more less confident you are, the worse it looks on you."

"And then the sun setted..."

And in response to the predictable "if I were rich" question. "I'd go to all the poor countries and bathe their children. I'm a mercenary."

A mercenary!

I laughed myself into a coughing fit after that.

. . .

Overall, things are fine. There was another case of behavioral Darwinism. It gets both more and less difficult each time. More difficult because I feel foolish, even if it's someone far better at the game than ever. Less difficult because, hey, I've survived worse and more and more I see it as not so much a betrayal of myself, but of the truth.

But then I had a booty call with Steve on Friday, which provided some sorely-needed tension relief. It's good for what it is. The boy with the brain came in the middle and that threw me off for a while. With classes four nights a week and Saturday morning, I can't get into anything heavy. But a Friday night fun fest is just what the doctor ordered.

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