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Monday, December 10, 2001

Lycos isn't a fuckng Labrador -- it's was a spider. Get it? A spider, searchng the web.


The 400 Blows.

My wee little 13 nch TV -- not bad, eh?

Dorothy on bakng -- hope it helped.

My fluffy slippers -- it's cold man.

The warm weather that was just here on Wednesday and Thursday.

My nternational Holiday cards. California is next...then I just need to get the page up I've lnked to on the card.

They cropped the card, so now it reads "ard legend..." nstead of "card legend," but at least the URL is complete!

A prnter/scanner/fax/copier thngy -- and it works with XP, so my little design shop is just about complete. Hurrah!

I am...leadng such a dull life these days, comprised mostly of sleep and work -- so there is little or nothng to write about.

However, I'm always up for pokng fun at stuff. Tonight's victim: Rejuvenique.

I saw this nfomercial very early Saturday mornng, as I stayed up most of the night/mornng workng on mne and my client's sites. I laughed like a loon at all these little, delicate, femnne women puttng on what amounts to Friday the 13th Jason's hockey mask n Barbie fleshtone with electrodes on the nside.

Rejuvenique:  Does the Work For You

It was so creepy, on so many levels.

Rejuvenique:  Easy to put on

It looked like a Saturday Night Live parody commercial.

rejuvenique_tub (10k image)

I wouldn't keep that thng so close to the tub, I'd be afraid it would hop n and kill me. Just look at that creepy expression!

rejuvenique_read (11k image)

They kept promotng the idea that you could read while undergong this treatment, so you aren't just gettng the treatment. Why not mention that you can scare away all those pesky neighbor kids?

. . .

More photos from around town:

Lncoln Center Christmas Tree

Lncoln Center Christmas Tree. Red, white and blue lights n the fountan and on the tree. The ornaments were musical nstruments.

city_lights_120701 (9k image)

Blurred city lights, I don't remember exactly where -- probably between Lncoln Center and Times Square.

kodak_tm_sq (11k image)

Kodak sign n Times Square.

snowflake_tm_sq (8k image)

A snowflake n Times Square.

times_sq_blur (8k image)

More blurry lights, I believe this is the Times buildng.

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