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Thursday, December 6, 2001
Tired, Unnspired

A wonderful note from Ana about how lucky we are to live n cities we love and it's on Hello Kitty paper, naturally.

December 1998, my first year n New York when it was also 72 degrees the first week of December. It's madness!

By 2 1/2 hours -- what the fuck? Even my boss didn't get n until 10 today and he's usually n at 5 a.m.

Actress who plays Susan, Ross's ex-wife Carol's lesbian life partner on Friends, with her wee baby of ndetermnable sex. We're all about the celebrities, soap stars and the like, here at Non-Profit. It's weird.

Out on Nerdy Boy, who is probably all of 20. He remnds me of one of the few men I dated that it actually should've worked out with, the one who didn't quite make the Unholy Trnity of Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. The one with the great, big, fat...I.Q. You know that always turns me on. We had a great talk a few weeks ago and he also thnks Britney Spears is the symbol and manifestation of all that is wrong n America.

Almost the same glasses as Nerdy Boy and complimentng him on them frequently, which makes us both giggle.

Acanit already. Bummer, but best wishes to her.

Email from the "Napster of Porn," which is almost as funny as FarmSexMania.com!

Heroes of the Bible nfomercial, hosted by Sandy Patti who has 8 kids and no hobbies, obviously.

My ticket to Indiana for Christmas. One of my mom's brothers offered to pay for it and my dad's brother asked me last Mother's Day to stay with him to avoid the drama queens. That's when I realized how much I adored all my great aunts on my dad's side and my mom's brothers -- but for years had let two relatives who like to stir the pot run visits with the extended family. As my uncle said, I'm 30 years old -- I don't have to put up with that shit.

I am...not dong a very good job of this Holidailies thng, so I guess it's a good thng I completely forgot to write Jette to sign up for it! That is just sad.

So the holidays are among us, always takng me by surprise every year. I've ordered my custom-prnted collage cards and should receive them by Tuesday. I've got to get my mailng list set up over the weekend so I can prnt out this week. I am considerng buyng myself one of those combnation prnter/fax/copier/scanner thngs, because the price is pretty great to get all of that and now that my camera is broken and I have a digital with high enough resolution, I thnk I'm just gong to prnt my own photos when I can and back everythng up now that I have a CD burner.

I just need to get my second (nearly empty) dresser moved to the closet, so I can brng n a small desk from work. Right now I've got my comfy chair all the way up to the foot of my bed, with my legs along the edges of the bed and the laptop restng on my thighs and stomach. I thnk a desk would be more comfortable n the long run, not to mention I could set up the second monitor and other peripherals. I've almost got my whole design thng set up and I'm pretty excited about that.

Work is what it is. Thngs are gong pretty smoothly and I just found out that one of my boss' former assistants did the 3 months of past due credit card statements and expense reimbursements I just haven't had a spare moment for. She's gonna get a little somethng extra this Christmas, if I can thnk of what. Goddess bless her.

. . .

Thngs have been rocky with my client. I don't have much time for him durng the week and he calls and emails a couple of times a day. All that back and forth has made me feel sort of smothered and frustrated that I could use that hour a day dong actual production on the site if he told me what he wanted. He called me on Sunday as we'd planned and I didn't hear the phone, so he left a message sayng "if you can't handle it, I'll get someone who can" for the second time. Honestly! What was there to handle? I'd been tryng to fnd a font he wanted, but I couldn't. I was supposed to redesign his logo for the site and for all his brochures and letterhead, but with little direction at all. He fnally had a prnt shop do the logo and email it to me last Thursday and that's as much as I had by Sunday afternoon.

Now, he knows I work full time and then some, snce he met me there. I explaned that I would do most work over the weekend, with some contact through the week, but not much turnaround until the weekend. But I can't pull it out of my ass with no logo or art work or direction or copy. I guess it's quite a different thng from workng on a site for myself, snce I know what I want.

Still, the money is good and right n time for the holidays and I thnk we're settlng nto a groove. Fnally, I have a logo, copy and photographs this week, so now I have somethng to work with. Also, he has promised never to call me at work agan, I mean, that's just not cool at all. Last Monday and Tuesday he did it 3 or 4 times and everytime my boss was right there. It's like my mom callng me for no good reason -- I don't give out my work number on purpose.

. . .

There is not much else gong on. I've been tryng to avoid yet another cold latchng on. I've had a burnng throat snce last Thursday and managed to hold it at bay with only a bit of stuffness last night and this mornng. Thank heaven, I'm tired enough. I've been fallng asleep, computer on lap, fngers on the keys, sometime before midnight this week. I just wish I could get back on track, even if it's the absurdly early track I was on before I moved nto the Village n September. I'm gong to bed earlier and sleepng later, but still feelng so run down.

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