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Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Missin' You

Something new. Please click here to visit a photo gallery of the past week. Enjoy! (It will open in a new wndow.)

Taping over Six Feet Under when I know damn well I set the tape to the end of the show before I left tonight.

Cool emails from feminists.

Those constantly played Gap ads, the song is too infectious.

Hot -- Dwight Yoakam in said Gap ads.

The 400 Blows.

Not much, but getting really great compliments on the ones on my card. Everyone loves the (not really) Naked Cowboy.

My Christmas cards, and so did everyone else. I'm almost out!

To mention the nutty guy scowling at me on the bus on Friday. Whatever.

To enclose photos, which arrived this evening, in my Christmas cards, which I mailed this morning. D'oh! So I guess everyone will get New Year's postcards.

Japanese Fart Porn. OK, now I've seen everything.

Girls With Glasses -- nerdy and sexy!

My job a lot more. I'm thnking outside the box, as the kids say and finding creative solutions for my time constraints. For example, today my laptop didn't work with the projector durng a Powerpoint presentation, so we had to send someone to get the laptop we normally use. It hadn't occured to me, but I used it to take the minutes of the meeting, instead of writing it down and having to type it later. I'll still have to fill things in later, but it's much faster than taking notes plus I won't have to type it from scratch when the minutes are due. So simple, so obvious, so helpful.

I am...sorry I haven't been makng more time for this journal, I miss it when I don't write. I go back and reread my entries a lot, to remember thngs that have happened and the chronology of them, because so much has happened this year, it's a blur.

The last week or so has been a blur as well. On Thursday, we had a big event at work after the board meeting and it was co-hosted by a celebrity client. My mother is a fan of her show, so she's been calling me for weeks asking for an autographed photo. Argh!

As if those two things weren't enough for one week, the next day was the big management meeting, so I had materials and a presentation to prepare for that, not to mention presents to tie ribbons to for 50 people. I worked until 1:30, that's a.m. people! Somehow I made it back on time the next morning only to find the room wasn't set up. Then my new laptop didn't work with the projector, so we had to get the laptop we normally use. The upshot is that I thought to use mine to take the minutes during the meeting, so that's one less thing I have to spend hours and hours doing next month. I'll be doing that from here on out -- I've got to streamlne as much as possible.

I was supposed to leave early on Friday, but instead there was fire after fire to put out and I stayed until 7:30. I went home, collapsed and woke up famished around midnight. I went out for a bit of dinner, then came back and got into this crazy metaphysical conversation with a couple of other residents in the lobby. I didn't realize how spiritual I am and how I was driven away from that part of myself for so long because I have yet to find a faith that fits my own inner voice.

Saturday I was still pretty wiped out, but I did manage to pick up a cake for Rob and go to his party. We ended up at Zen Palate, which annoyed me at first because it's not just vegetarian, but shi-shi as well. I ended up fnding something edible in the end and everything tasted wonderful.

On Sunday I overslept and missed lunch (I gave up on making breakfast ages ago), so I picked up a bite to eat on the way to find frames. This year everyone's getting my photographs for the holidays. Then I headed up to Lauren's to help her decorate her tree. We put hundreds of ornaments on that sucker, it was amazing! The tree had plenty of gaps and spacing so you could get several ornaments on each branch, giving the tree tremendous depth. She made beef stew which was fabulous. I finally got to meet her cat Fred and her Pop.

I also did some work for my client. That's moving along. I think we fnally have the basic template down, so I can get to work. I just wish he'd let me focus on the site, which I said I'd do, instead of onlne marketing and redesigning his letterhead, fax and invoices, which I said was not my area nor at all a part of web design. Moreover, I'd like to focus on one thing. It's not like I'm doing this full time. I'd only alotted 4-5 hours a week to work for him and I'm spending most of it answering the same questions over and over, telling him I am not an online marketer, etc. Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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