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Sunday, December 2, 2001
Wandering the Sidewalks of New York

The Empire State Buildng lights turn from red, white and blue to red and green.

A man walkng up Fifth Avenue with a cross, like Jesus and the guy n New Orleans Easter weekend of 2000..

A woman walkng up Sixth Avenue at dusk with an adult-sized, portable potty chair.

xmas_card_2001_tny (12k image)

My holiday cards. Want one?

Sidewalks of New York, Life as a House (largely because I couldn't read Dora's new entries until I did -- but lovng it on its own merit as well), and The Others, agan.

After Edward Burns, mostly because of his New York accent.

To a man speakng French with an adorable little boy who fell asleep with his head on the man's lap on the M6 bus.

Fish and chips with a deep-fried Mars bar (one of those "gotta try it once" thngs) last week. Tonight, bangers, mash beans. One caveat -- their sites are great, but they do require the Flash player.

My new laptop! It's so fast and the screen is plenty big enough for design. I went with a bit heavier a model than I wanted, but I decided not to sacrifice features, speed and monitor size for the lesser-equipped lightweights n my price range. (Note the Moo-cow purse n the background, I get so many compliments on it, plus it holds my journal, Palm and Palm keyboard AND it was free!)

At this newly-found picture of the Not-so Naked Cowboy, while creatng my Christmas card. I love the man-on-the-street reaction!

When Kelee and I saw a can of "The Full Monty" n the wndow of Myers of Keswick -- it's beans with weners.

I am...really flushed with love for New York this week. Even though it was a terribly busy, overworked week with my client frustrated that I hardly have time for his site due to workng 40 hours n 3 days, yesterday I had time to walk the streets. Hooray!

I forgot to nclude this picture n my previous entry about the talk show. Kelee and I went to a toy store on Hudson Street n our wanderngs after dnner on Monday. I am not sure if the employees or a customer did this drawng, but I found it touchng that someone took the time to do it. It just made me feel like I'm not the only one who has these events runnng n the background.

wtc_etch_a_sketch (13k image)

. . .

I'm freakn' lazy! I didn't fnally leave the buildng until 4:30 or so and by then it was already dusk. I wanted to go out and take photos of the big tree and other decorations around Rockefeller Center.

534_sixth_ave (12k image)

A newstand/shope on Sixth Avenue. Every corner has these little shops where you can get a newspaper, souveneirs, hats, gloves, cell phone covers and the like.

hangers_on_m6 (7k image)

I've no idea why all these children's clothng hangers were hangng on the bus, but neither the French guy nor I bothered to disturb them.

victorias_secrets (9k image)

Macy's Christmas tree-of-lights reflected n the wndow of Victoria's Secret. I am tempted to take a photo of myself reflected n Tyra Bank's cleavage, just for the purpose of surrealism.

It took forever to get up Sixth Avenue, but I didn't want to take the subway, because I love beng able to see everythng and take photos on the way. It makes the trip seem more productive. My friend Andrea said people are out lookng more than shoppng, but I was still surprised by the crowds.

store_closng (12k image)

A sign of the times.

The decorations are just absurdly huge. I don't remember how they were the 2 other Christmases I spent here. I'm savng most of my photos for the Holiday pages.

rock_ctr_red_ornaments4 (14k image)

I thnk these red ornaments are my favorite decoration.

giant_xmas_bulbs (11k image)

These lights are pretty cool, too. They don't actually light up, it just looks that way because there's a floodlight behnd the one red bulb. I knew this because the giant plug wasn't n a giant outlet!

rock_ctr_trees_lights (15k image)

One thng I adore about the holidays is the white lights on the winter-bare trees throughout the city. This year, some of them have red, white and blue lights instead.

rock_ctr_lights (14k image)

I love it when my city lights photos blur.

me_rock_ctr_big_tree (10k image)

Me with the big tree (from Wayne, New Jersey this year) -- you can't tell, but the lights are all red, white and blue this year. A cabbie I had last week complaned that it was dull and less creative than previous years.

pokemon_store (9k image)

Please, no one tell my brother about the new Pokemon store.

pokemon_store2 (9k image)

Although I thnk he's more nto DragonballZ these days.

patriotic_sushi (12k image)

I thought this American Flag thng was gettng absurd, but Patriotic Sushi? That's just too far!

. . .

hello_kitty_baby_togs (10k image)

Yes, fnally another reason to spawn. Hello Kitty baby clothes!

hello_kitty_tv2 (10k image)

I wish I could see what the Hello Kitty on-screen menu looks like.

hello_kitty_tv (10k image)

And it's twice as much as a regular 13" TV!

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