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Sunday, November 18, 2001
Eschewng Common Twitdom

No, I don't know what crawled up my ass today.

I am...irritated that this whole Political Correctness media-nvented myth is still gong on, about 10 years past its prime. All you poor, persecuted white people can climb down off the cross already.

It's not about givng women and mnorities unfair advantages. Only rich, white kids will really have those consistently. It's about givng people the opportunity to succeed on a level playng field. A level playng field is not one n which I'm given opportunities because of the shape of my genitalia or the color of my skn -- not that that really is the epidemic whny white males would have the world believe.

Neither is it tellng a 21 year old college student n search of guidance n her first post-degree job search that maybe she should get pregnant and go on welfare. Unless, of course, you're naive or trecherous enough to turn that around and presume he'd have said the same had I been more obviously white or if I'd had a penis.

I keep comng back to that moment, I thnk it's one of those moments that I gave up. I was so n shock, so hurt, so disturbed, it didn't even occur to me report it to the department chair. What boggles the mnd is that the nsipid, spoiled, suburban brats I attended school with bitched and moand that I was only n school (and only receivng fnancial aid) because I was a mnoirty (precisely the reason I have always checked "white" or "other" on all forms snce I can remember). Nevermnd that they obviously had plenty of fnancial aid, too -- it's called Mommy and Daddy.

What really kills me is that the professor was gay. Maybe this whole rant was triggered by Will and Grace mndlessly votng by physical characteristics, nstead of takng the time to research the candidates' platforms.

Anyway, I naively saw this person as an ally, snce I see all oppression as different hands of the same beast. Instead, he complaned about perceived persecution, as expressed n the cartoon on his office door that said smokers wanted to be referred to as "People of Smoke." Clearly, I misjudged him. He's probably one of those people who thnks beng gay makes him nterestng.

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