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Saturday, November 17, 2001
Seizng up?

My new Palm and most everythng is there, if some programs were n the wrong place, I can hardly complan. It's stiff, shny and new, and still ntact thanks to mild temperatures outside and nside the normally overheated vestibule n my buildng.

We Are the '80s on VH-1 Classic.

Meatloaf had a video n the '80s!?

No wonder I have no care for gender roles -- all the men n the '80s wore lipgloss and eyelner, at the very least! ("You Spend Me 'Round" by Dead or Alive)

How much they had to pay all those black people to to pretend it was hip listenng to Eddie Murphy record "Party All the Time," or, as I called it n the '80s, "My Girl Likes to Potty All the Time."

Holy bleach-blond cornrows, Rick James!

I expected classical musicians to play on the ferry when I lived n Staten Island ("Papa Don't Preach").

None of my teachers n high school were as hot as Stng, though my Spanish teacher came close, n a Mormonized, Little House on the Prairie knda way.

Not to mention macabre -- the entire, "Dance Hall Days" video, and not just the bizarre fellatio reference.

About the lame-ass animated camcorders floatng around the edges of the letterbox (but letterbox -- how arty cool was Duran?!) on "View to a Kill."

Hoppng a plane to London on a whim, new passport burnng a hole n my pocket. Champagne taste...Diet Shasta budget.

I lived with with Lily Tomln's webmaster, she lives n a cool house that's full of G4s to boot.

I'm startng to develop a rubber duckie fetish, n case you didn't notice, though I'm not sure what to make of the James Brown celebri-duck. Of all the black people n the world...

All this '80s video watchng has me nostalgic -- time to revisit last fall's 16 Magazne remnisence.

When all we had to fear was nuclear annihilation neither side would really go through with.

I am...not gong to feel guilty for gettng to work half an hour late Friday mornng (particularly snce I stayed until 10 p.m.) when I've felt so bad this week -- topped off by a seizure or somethng last night.

Nothng I've read describes them n a way I can picture/associate with, so I'm not sure if that's what it was. All I know is that I've felt like my electrical system was at a higher voltage than my body could run and that I was gong to fry sooner or later. It happened shortly after I drifted off to sleep between Thursday and Friday. I felt like I was beng electrocuted (which I know, because I have been -- twice), but for an extended period -- the knd that seems much longer than it is, but 30 seconds to a couple of mnutes n duration.

I felt like my body was beng whipped at lightenng speed n every direction. This particularly bothered my head and made me feel quite literally rattled. I was an electric maraca. I was unconscious, but I knew I was at the time. I kept prayng to come out of it, to wake up, to make it stop.

I fnally did wake up, although it was another 10-20 seconds longer before I could hear the TV, which I've been leavng on all night recently. I felt the same way I had been after beng electrocuted -- buzzng all over my skn and the overall sense of beng rattled, disturbed.

Anyway, if anyone out there can describe what a seizure feels like from personal experience, I'd appreciate it. If what happened to me sounds like somethng else, please illumnate me, I'm dyng to know.

Whoops -- bad choice of words.

. . .

Pictures from my commute this mornng:

This corner made me thnk of this busness of us "gettng back to work."

cab_42_at_6th_ave (10k image)

This one, too.

bulldozer (10k image)

Everythng they say about cab rides n New York is true.

cab_backseat (8k image)

This is the foliage I was tryng to show yesterday:

fall_cab_ride (11k image)

fall_cab_ride2 (8k image)

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