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Sunday, November 18, 2001

Little Women, which I've never seen before somehow, nor read. Now I must -- I love the language and the strength.

No check from my mother to cover my plane ticket, which I bought weeks ago. She forgot. Let's hope ShittiBank keeps up its slow processng, so I'll have money through payday. I understand it's Wednesday this week, due to the holiday. Goddess bless Thanksgivng!

"Thngs you can only get n NY," as requested by mom. You should've seen me n semi-high girly shoes and a ballgown skirt, totterng around Times Square! Walkng the 2 blocks to the two nearest gift shops was like a 30 mile hike under those circumstances.

What did I get? Snce I won't be with mom and The Boy until Wednesday, I couldn't get pizza or bagels, so I opted for 3 for $10 matted photos for Fang and Mom and FDNY and NYPD t-shirts for The Boy.

A street musician playng "On Broadway" on the saxophone as I strolled across Broadway and 50th Street to hail a cab. Now that is what I call a New York moment.

With Shirlie, girlfriend of one of the musicians on James' CD. She was strikng even among all the gorgeous guests -- a biracial, Brazilian dancer who became a citizen on September 11. Fnally, a good thng to remember about that day!

How very fortunate we are here. This is a land of such abundance, even those of us who thnk of ourselves as poor have so very much.

I am...back from James' weddng and packng for my trip. Well, I'll be packng once my laundry is done. I know, last mnute queen strikes agan -- I've been so tired and then the cold and then the vomittng and diarrhea. Enough already!

Naturally, I slept until 3 this afternoon. Perhaps that's for the best, as I can never sleep before an early flight, particularly given the fact that the shuttle has to pick me up at 3:30 to make a 7 a.m. flight. Feh!

. . .

The weddng was lovely. The elegance made me ache. Everythng was simple and understated, yet glittery and gorgeous. It felt like beng n a movie of a sophisticated New York evenng weddng. Everyone was so gorgeous and dressed to the nnes. Add to this that all of James' friends are nterestng as all get out and it was all so charmng, even for a loner like me.

It was n a three-story penthouse of a Times Square Hotel. You could only imagne who rents the room on regular nights -- the extraordnarily wealthy and a rock star or two. There were wndows and reflective surfaces everywhere, so you could see the city lights and the shnng faces of the guests n every direction.

The ceremony was a blend of Korean and Jewish traditions. They wore traditional Korean weddng clothng and were married by a woman rabbi so warm and at ease, I mistook her for an aunt. She was so funny and struck me as a wise old witch. She embodied the crone for me somehow, the spiritual elder woman to whom we turn for guidance.

There was much talk of celebratng the important thngs durng such tryng times and of this love symbolizng the unity and harmony we all so desperately need just now.

After the ceremony were the usual speeches, except that it seemed everyone at the weddng had somethng wonderful to say about James and his wife. They really are lovely people -- generous of spirit, funny, sweet and lovng. It's hardly fair, but they're gorgeous as well. You'd hate them if they weren't so damned nice about it all!

. . .

I can't do math, obviously, because I sat here, keyboard on lap, starng at the TV nstead of typng, while the time slid away from me, until I realized I had only 90 mnutes before the shuttle comes and I hadn't yet put my clothes n the dryer. Of course, I should've started the laundry before I started packng the other items. So now it's off the computer, downstairs with empty suitcases and out, out of New York.

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