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Friday, November 16, 2001
Sore Inside -- Not n the Good Way

Friends, Charmed, Will & Grace, yada, yada, yada...I've been watchng BpC Thursday night snce Cheers, for crimmnysake.

Quantum Leap reruns. How I've missed Quantum Leap Week. Is it just me, or did it always concide with Eat Grape Nuts for a Week Week?

Playboy: The Party Contnues and The Screensavers -- does that officially make me a Nervert? 'Cause Stranger n a Strange Land is at the top of my list of most overrated books, right along with Catcher n the Rye (now that I've mentioned this last title heren, Big Brother's defnately gong to pick up on my semi-coherent ramblngs.

With Rahmen Robn. Rah, Rah, Rah, Rahmen Robn. Tweet! Tweet!

My wnter clothes from Dorothy, hooray! Of course, it's unseasonably warm, which Kaity Tong nexplicably complaned about on the news tonight. At any rate, I'm covered come December and January.

All the money my bank has spent to change its logo nsignificantly. The worst part is they still haven't spelled it right. It should be ShittiBank.

My dad...it was his birthday today (uh, yesterday by now).

My friend Andrea, who I just got back n touch with. We met just before junior year because Zaki Schwartzenberger wanted to know if she was wearng colored contacts. Of course she was, nobody's eyes are that color!

Acanit, who rocks my world on a near-daily basis.

I am...experiencng post-vomitorius soreness. Sort of like when you do a bunch of sit-ups for the first time n years or when you've laughed yourself silly with an old friend for hours. That soreness that happens the next day? That's what I feel right now.

Food poisonng -- it's a diet and a workout.

My boss kept makng me laugh and I was so, so sorry for it everytime. If I have to fart, I'm gong to fall to the floor n agony.

. . .

I took these pictures this mornng because the fall foliage was so gorgeous and colorful. It raned just before I left for work, so nstead the photos appear stormy and melancholy.

Central Park foliage (8k image)

The colors on this photo are surreal.

The Mane memorial (5k image)

I'll have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow so I have a few mnutes to take photos outdoors.

. . .

My baby's been fatally wounded : (

The Horror, the HorROR! (10k image)

And agan with the breakng.

palm_cracked2 (11k image)

I can't look anymore...

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