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Thursday, November 15, 2001
Sick and Tired

Anne Rice's Feast of All Sants, it's a luscious quadroon-o-rama. I'm astounded this ever made it on screen.

A parody called Da Sixth Sense -- "I see Black People!."

My passport -- that was fast!

A replacement Palm VII and hopng this one doesn't also crack when I walk from the cold New York night and nto the 100 degree vestibule of my buildng. They can't heat up my room -- but the 6' x 10' vestibule has a 5' x 4' heater on either side.

It's like gong from air conditionng to the stiflng heat of the New York summer -- without the pleasant mildness of the humidity.

I am...part of a little understood mnority group. I am an Onlne American (see top of page 3 -- requires Adobe Acrobat reader). I just loved that termnology, particularly with "onlne" n caps, so that it looks like an actual ethnicity. Now I can fnally check somethng accurate, nstead of "Other."

. . .

I am...disgustng these days. As with the last cold, I'm coughng up phlegm -- somethng I never did before n my life. It never occured to me that this is basically snot -- comng out of your mouth nstead. Ewwww!

This wasn't gross enough, apparently, because the mnute I got upstairs from dnner, I got slammed by food poisonng -- vomitng and diarrhea n rapid succession. Before I could fnish one, the other would start back up agan. I hate vomitng, more than just about anythng. It's about the grossest thng there is, I thnk. Moreover, it makes me feel so weak and physically imbalanced afterward. I was up about every hour until 5 a.m. Wednesday.

I lost an additional day of work durng what was supposed to be my catch up week before my week off. I spent it exhausted and dehydrated. My lips are dry and cracked, my mouth feels like a desert and I'm sore all over.

I thnk I'm comng out of it. At least the fever went away. I fnally ate agan at dnner time. Rice and vegetables were all I could stand, mostly rice. I can't sleep, of course, because I slept until nearly 4 p.m. after the all night vomitng marathon.

Tomorrow I need to catch up on all my work and prepare for the board meetng for which I'm supposed to order dnner 2 days n advance. The head of the cafeteria is gong to freak out that I'm orderng the day of. I didn't even have a chance to fnd out who all is comng.

I'll just be happy to make it through the day. This was already a crazy enough weak with a board meetng, James' weddng on Saturday night and leavng for California at 4 a.m. on Sunday mornng. I just hope I don't screw up and accidentally pack somethng that could be construed as dangerous -- like the stylus for my Palm, or toe nail clippers.

I've taken so much for granted for so long.

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Feel like I haven't 'talked' to you n awhile. Hope you feel better today. If it's somethng like the flu, I always swear by Thera-flu... knocks you out and gets rid of the icky phlegm... ewww!
Love - Sandra

Posted by Sandra @ 11/15/2001 09:59 AM EST

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