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Monday, November 12, 2001
Not an East Sider

With Sushi about sex over 30. I was just speakng with a woman at the residence and her relationship saga was no different than many I've heard, even though she's gay. It's all the same, co-dependant bullshit.

I'd much rather have a few, dependable friends that I saw more often than once a month, rather than halves of couples I can't see often. Thngs are gettng better for me n that regard, but it's still not regular enough for my taste.

Boston Public, Biography: Satan

"I'm n a safe, healthy, monogamous relationship. I masturbate."

I can't for the life of me remember who told me that, my mnd's a jumble these days, but it was too great a quote. If you're the one I stole this from, let me know and I'll gladly give you full credit.

"If I ever decide to ask for her hook in mar--"

-Scott Guber on Boston Public on datng a student's mutilated mother.

My lucky stars for James, who backed up my Palm.

Palm, BestBuy and my residence (where the temperature n the tny entry is at least 90 degrees, probably causing a shock to the glass of my Palm, coming in from 40 degrees) for passing the buck, one to the other and all to me. I'm especially not thrilled with the woman at my residence telling me she didn't believe the temperature change could have broken my computer's screen.

I'm not hip on havng this problem with a $2000 laptop, it's horrifying enough with a $200 PDA!

I am...a West Sider, it's not often you'll fnd me on the far side of Fifth Avenue, except to knosh n the East Village or go to the airport.

So color me surprised at how much fun I had on the East Side the other night.

First off, I rode the crosstown bus and eavesdropped on a cute pediatrician from Indianapolis. Observed an adorable toddler and chuckled to myself at a brother and sister fightng over a Game Boy. Before I knew it, I'd reached my stop -- Lexngton Avenue.

The first thng I saw was Hunter College. I see lots of NYU students n the Village and so my thought is always, "why didn't I think of that?!" This must be an incredible place to go to college -- what with all the culture and things to do. I guess it would be difficult to be young and broke in this town, however.

I walked down Lexington on the way to the optometrist, because my insurance has few providers on the West Side, thus this whole trip to the Other Side to pick up my nerdy, new glasses.

I don't remember seeing many pet shops around Manhattan before, but I think I pay special attention to animals and children lately. As a result of this heightened interest on my part, they seem to pop up everywhere. It's an unexpected delight. My camera's been working spradically, so I didn't get a picture of the wee, baby pugs, but I did get pictures of the other dogs and the big, fluffy kittens.

cat_reflection (9k image)

puppy_reflection2 (11k image)

puppy_reflection (13k image)

Once the wndows grew crowded with pet admirers, I contnued back down toward 61st Street. I didn't make it far, because I can never pass a pen shop. I didn't even get nto all the gorgeous nk well colors -- brilliant reds, golds and silvers. I'm an accident waitng to happen with loose bottles of nk, so I stick to the Schaeffer pens I've used snce Junior High, with their self-contaned nk cartridges n so many hues.

Instead, I fnally broke down and bought a seal and sealng wax for my holiday cards. I'm debatng what to do abut my holiday cards. I'd like a New York photo, or perhaps several. They had so many wonderful ones, I wasn't sure where to start. I've always wanted to have a photo card, so I'm tryng to fnd and take decent photos of myself at a New York landmark, or ndeed a few for variety.

All of which remnds me, if you'd like to get on my holiday card list, just send me an email. Even as I accumulate more and more hi-tech gadgets, I clng to personal touches and lost arts -- letter writng, hand-made presents, calligraphy, and, of course, sealng wax.

After pickng up my way dorky glasses, I walked further south and once agan ended up at Bloomngdale's. That's three times n 2 1/2 years, so it's very unusual. The first time I lived n New York, I didn't go near Bloomngdale's until my last two weeks and then only passng by. One of these days, I suppose I should go n. I was scarred by my few sojourns nto Macy's/Herald Square, particularly the first one -- n the Cellar durng a one-hour sale. It was like the first 5 mnutes of Savng Private Ryan, only with obnoxious, Upper East Side matrons.

bloomies_wndow_dressng (12k image)

Most of the landmarks n Manhattan seem to be on the West Side, so I see them almost daily durng my commute. No, I didn't try to meet my soul mate at the glove counter (hey, that's what AOL is for!), nor did I head over to Serendipity for Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.

I continued down Lexington to 57th Street to catch the crosstown bus to Rob's for the weekly Friends/Will and Grace/Charmed marathon. (How Grace am I? Yeesh!) Of course, I fell asleep n the middle. It's more ndicative of how erratic my sleep pattern has been, than of the quality of the company, of course.

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