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Saturday, November 10, 2001
My Computers' Grim Reaper

Nothng. The daisies have stalled, the wheat grass is dyng. A coworker told me the latter only lasts about a week, though he had one last for about a month.

The loss of my Palm VII. I know it's trivial with everythng that's happened recently, but it means a lot to me to be able to update whenever, wherever I am. Not to mention losng a bunch of email and phone numbers. Bad timng, too -- a week before I go to California.

The Simpsons, NYPD Blue, and Buffy, for the very first time. Knd of a strange episode to pick, what with all the sngng. It was like Mouln Rouge all over agan.

Fryer's Club Roast -- Hugh Hefner
My gawd -- what is the pont of havng 7 girlfriends if they all look exactly alike?

Andy Sipowicz is the grim reaper. This makes at least two partners and a wife of his who've died that I know about and I've only been watchng for a year.

Harlem, care of my client.

The Sugar Hill Quartet. How can you not relax n the presence of a man named Patience (Higgns).

At President Bush's miraculous use of the word "repudiation." Not only did he get the pronunciation right, but he used it correctly n a sentence. "Look Ma -- I've been practicng!"

I am...havng the worst computer luck ever n my 20 years of usng computers. Thngs were startng to turn around, or so I thought. Thursday night after I left work, one of the techs managed to restore my Outlook and the menus and toolbars on Word. Now it doesn't take me forever to format a Word document, and tables, columns, etc. are no longer impossible.

Somehow, I managed to fix my home (work) computer this mornng. I have no idea how, but I'm grateful as all hell.

Unfortunately, the one computer that cannot be fixed is my Palm VII. Last night, I stopped at the drug store on the way home, it was fne when I went nto the case to get my ATM card. I dropped my thngs off n my room and went downstairs for dnner. I went to enter my purchases nto my check register and check email (snce the home computer was still broken) and my screen was covered n a hideous, black spiderweb. This happened to a coworker a few months ago and I dreaded the same happenng to me. The funny thng is that I hadn't dropped it. Not yesterday, anyway. I wonder if it was weakened from beng dropped before.

As if it wasn't bad enough that I broke the damn screen, I found out that neither of the nsurance policies I have covers physical damage. I am sure I asked about that at Best Buy -- it was the whole reason I bought a policy. The Palm policy only covers loss or theft, so I guess I should have reported it lost nstead. The best they can offer me is a refund of the Best Buy nsurance, snce it did no damn good, and $50 off a new Palm (I'd rather not take a refurbished one, thank you very much).

Thanks to the miraculously-healed home computer, I've been onlne all day, tryng to fnd a laptop with a good balance of the features I want. I'd love to have the top of the lne, but on my budget, I'd settle for anythng under 6 pounds with a decent processor and a DVD drive. I figure I can add more memory and a CDRW (I have a Zip CDRW n California, after all) at another time.

I'm gong blnd lookng at all the configurations and irritated to discover that many of the newer models don't nclude serial and/or parallel ports. I've got old peripherals and buyng a laptop is enough of an expense, without replacng everythng else!

My mother has agreed to, if not buy one, let me charge one to her Best Buy card and pay her back. It's another computer miracle! So it seems that, with each passng week, I am that much closer to my globe-hoppng web geek fantasy. Now back to workng on my client's site and my portfolio.

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