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Wednesday, November 7, 2001

An email from Dave Gorman, which is probably lost to all time now.

Tired, of course.

Ahead to my week off -- 9 days straight of no work. Hallelujah!

Too hard, but seeng results at least.

So much TV, it's very shameful. At least, until late last night, I was workng on my portfolio at the same time.

I am...gettng a lot done the past few days.

On Monday I took a Harlem Jazz tour with my new client, so that I could take some photographs and get an idea of what to do for text. I'm a one-stop shop -- I write, take photographs and build web sites.

On Tuesday I was able to get the day off and confirm the talk show appearance. It tapes the week after Thanksgivng. I'll be full of fresh family trauma, woo-hoo! Of course, the subject isn't family trauma, but I am afraid that it will become quite transparent nevertheless. Wish me luck! If it goes well, I might even mention the show and times here.

Today I received the advance for the freelance web design gig. It could not come at a better time. I've been gong through money like water. Of course, it's not all pedicures and gourmet meals. Durng this last pay period alone, I paid a few bills back to James, applied for my passport ($60), sent Dorothy money to send my wnter clothes, bought my plan ticket back from Southern California and took care of miscellaneous bills and errands I've had on my list for some time.

I also managed to get most of the board book fnished, which is a 8 section, 100 +/- page book that must be made nto 50 copies and bound. I even made the copies for the completed sections, leavng only two one-page documents to get from coworkers, copy and then bnd and mail these suckers. I love, love, love clearng thngs off my punch list, as James would say. (Speakng of which, he gets married next Saturday, so add "buyng a dress" to my list for next week).

I also completed the presentation and materials for tomorrow's staff meetng. Now all I need to do is get home and get some rest. It's already after 11. Better that than kid myself nto thnkng I'll come n at 8 or heaven forbid 6 a.m. as my predecessor did.

Not all my work has been good of late. Last night I royally fucked my home computer, tryng to nstall Wndows 98 over the existng Wndows NT so that I can nstall hardware (come now, haven't you missed the photos, too?) Instead, it stopped after deletng Wndows NT to notify me there was not enough space for Wndows 98 (preposterous!) You'd thnk it could've mentioned this a bit sooner. So now I can't boot up at all. I don't thnk it's erased entirely and, ndeed, didn't cooperate when I tried to reformat (erase) the hard drive completely, out of desperation.

I'm thnkng I'll have to either buy a seperate hard drive and nstall Wndows 98 on there (usng the orignal hard drive as a storage disk, rather than boot disk), but I'm not sure how to go about nstallng a hard drive when there's no workng operatng system to nstall it with. Anyone have any tips?

Just to make life even more fun, I tried to fix my copy of Microsoft Word. A few weeks ago, the corporate MIS people came over and nstalled new virus software. From then on, I have not had toolbars or menus ever snce. The only features you can access at any given time are those that show up when you right click, such as font or paragraph settngs. If the text is n a table, those features are not accessible at all and I have to schlep a disk to someone else's machne to do anythng remotely special.

A tech came by to fix this, but did not unnstall the faulty version of Word first, so the problem persisted with the new nstall. I tried unnstallng and now my Outlook doesn't work (never fear -- faulty Word is just fne and dandy), so everyone was emailng me their stuff for the Board book and staff meetngs, but I couldn't get it.

So much for me beng the big computer expert around here. Sometimes I just want to throw the damn thngs out the wndow.

. . .

Fnally, the wheat grass, which I thnk is on the way downhill tonight. It's not as bright green as it was a few days ago. I've enjoyed it thoroughly while it lasted. Can you believe this was planted just last Saturday night?
wheat_grass110701 (7k image)

The daisies, planted the same night, are very slow growers.
daisies110701 (9k image)

You can't tell from the photo, but these are wee, red devil duckies, about 2 nches long by 1 nch wide. They're so cute, but I suspect they frighten the housekeeper.

red_devil_duckies (4k image)

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