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Sunday, November 4, 2001
Experiencng Serendipity

A chili cheese dog with raw, red onions.

A frozen hot chocolate, of course!

Staff shoutng "out" and "n" to avoid kitchencollisions.

Small, adorable children and larger adults with whipped cream on their noses.

Back home to tape the Emmys for Rob.

The staff with my Palm keyboard and wireless Internet access.

Like the queen of all new media.

The Serendipity movie website. It's the best use of Flash I've ever seen on a commerical site.

If you're not anywhere near Manhattan, you can visit Serendipity's onlne store to order Frrrozen Hot Chocolate mix.

An old flame and out-knkng him without effort.

I am...wearng a pajama top, pretty shameful at this time of day. I housesate for Rob whose Nana is ill, but I forgot to brng a spare shirt and fell asleep n my regular shirt. It was either wear the pajama shirt or be stnky.

Snce my health nsurance fnally kicked n on Thursday, I decided to get my eyes examned, as my vision has been a bit blurry. So I headed to the dreaded East Side, because HIP deosn't have a participatng doctor anywhere near work, so it's either do this or wait until next weekend when I can go to one near home. See, because I slept until 2 p.m. and had to bake cookies before I left Rob's.

I'd planned to go the 12 blocks to James' first, snce I put some cookies aside for him. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about the Marathon beng today. This despite havng watched the Mayor pantng the red, white, and blue lnes on Friday. Traffic near the Park was fuckng murder, with tons of runners wrapped n autographed alumnum covers and wanderng around 57th Street aimlessly.

I accidently stole a cab from a man who'd been waitng half an hour, but he was gong to the same area as me, so we split it. Isn't it funny I don't thnk twice about sharng a cab with a stranger? As all the September 11th coverage showed, most New Yorkers are great folks.

It turns out I'm supposed to go to a HIP doctor and then buy my glasses from one of their providers, but that's not what they told me on the phone last week. the opticians office was reasonably cool about that, so it worked out. Oddly enough, my eyes are gettng better, sort of. I needed a less powerful prescription, but it's because I'm gettng older and need to see better close up. So, bascially, I'm just a few years away from bifocals.

I was gong to go home from there, but I realized I was near Bloomngdale's, which made me thnk I must be near Serendipity, and I was right! I'd wanted to go long before the movie; Kymm havng written about it at least once. It's on the dreaded East side, however, where I rarely dare to tread.

The wait was about 25 mnutes, but just enough time for me to go to the ATM and make a couple of quick calls.

Inside, it was crowded, but full of children and adults who felt like children agan. I assumed they'd only have a few entrees, probably crepes and salads. Instead, they have a gigantic menu that made even big, tall me feel like a 5-year-old gong to the ice cream parlour with her daddy. Had I been there with a friend, there would not have been enough room for two menus.

At the next table was a little girl celebratng her birthday. I can't thnk of a more magical place for a birthday party and only wish I'd thought of it myself. It's full of memorabilia, silly toys and Tiffany-style lamps and butterflies hangng over the tables. One of the girl's presents was the same set of Nancy Drew books I had as a girl. Her mother was very excited about this and we chatted for a bit. Bondng over books and frozen hot chocolate, classic.

I had a foot long chili dog and then on to Serendipity's signature dessert -- the frozen hot chocolate. This is a vat of semi-frozen chocolate goodness topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. The whipped cream was a bit flat, so I stirred it nto the frozen hot chocolate. This was delightful, n that it made the whole thng a big less sweat and creamier all throughout.

In the end (well 3/4 was all I could manage, it was so sweet and cold!), my lips were frozen, but I didn't care. I was floatng on a creamy, chocolate cloud.

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