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Wednesday, October 10, 2001
The Reason


One of Rob's friends. "We're really worried. I mean, they might hit Albany next. It is the capital!"

My mother, "Well, you wanted to live n the center of attention!"

Those were the best laughs I've had snce this whole thng went down.

I am...gong to virtually bitch-slap bn Laden. It makes me sick that he's twistng Islam n order to nspire his wretched mnions. I read enough of Eric Hoffers The True Believer n college to see right through this. It's the same McGuffn used by Hitler and every other paranoid, power-lustng wackjob used to attract and motivate lonely, poor, disenfranchised youth with nothng to lose and hoodwnk them nto dong the dirty work for the so-called leader.

America has done some messed up stuff all over the world to preserve the "freedom" of its spoiled masses (hey, as a friend from Morrocco told me, "even the poor people have cars, TVs, and ndoor plumbng.") -- fne, make it about a belligerent foreign policy. I wish we would acknowledge that, although just havng President Bush mention tryng not to harm the Afghan populace is huge progress.

Back to Uncle Osama -- come the fuck on, are we honestly to believe it's about religion? Although most wars and misdeeds n history are done n the name of some faith or the other, for the most part this is merely a smoke screen for the "leader" and his (and I mean "his," not n some his/her knd of way -- I thnk so many men wouldn't be so anxious to waste lives if they could give it) lust for power.

God, schmod -- I've seen the most unholy thngs done n the name of God, Allah, and Christ. Nevermnd for a mnute that Islam and Christianity, with their sngle, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Big Daddy God are far more the same than they are different (thus the relatively rapid success and ntegration of many Muslims nto American life).

When, n the course of a week I get hit on by 2 Muslims and an Israeli, I can't help but thnk it's more about pussy than anythng else. It makes the world go 'round: so tuck back those sidelocks, take off that prayer shawl, and stop pretendng you're really devoted to Allah. When it comes right down to it, most men are just men with nothng really special to differentiate them from the next, unnspired Joe, Herschel or Mohammad. How sad for them.

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