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Sunday, October 7, 2001
In the Mood for Porn


The articles. Yeah, that's the ticket.


A Time Out NY as well, just to cover my tracks.

I am...not sure why, but today I wanted a little porn. Maybe because I have tomorrow off and have plenty of time to myself, as it were. Maybe because it's suddenly quite crisp outside and I figure I'll want to entertan myself ndoors for the rest of the weekend. I need to occupy myself somehow between now and dnner with James tomorrow night.

Got Porn?

I happened upon a store full of porn on accident today. Yeah, sure. Really, though, there were postcards n the wndow. I bought one of cops nabbng a burgler n Brooklyn, because it had that tacky '70s charm and true-life grit.


When I say they had plenty of porn, even I was surprised. I forget how many fetishes there are. Personal preference helps one decide between Black Tail, Black Legs and Black & Stacked, I'm sure. But how to chose between Leg Love and Leg Show? Young & Tight and Barely Legal?

Here a fetish, there a fetish

It beng the West Village, about half the porn was gay. This scandalized a group of 3 or 4 teenage boys came n, talkng loudly and exclaimng, "Awww, this is a bunch of homo shit back here!" They exclaimed everythng out of their mouths, really.


They tried to buy condoms, pissng and moanng loudly when the man behnd the counter refused to sell to them without proof age. "That's stupid. You won't sell us condoms, so now we're gong to go out and catch AIDS. That's fucked up!" I mumbled "shut the fuck up" as they were leavng and, "jeez, just jack off, like everybody else." I wasn't n the mood for confrontation, the fall weather is like a sedative, but of course I had to voice my opnion.

somethng for everyone

Apparently, it's been quite some time snce I've boughtdirty magaznes. There is, apparently, an ndustry-standard price of $7.99 per issue. There were some special bundles of 3 for $6.99-$19.99, but they were wrapped n cellophane and thus not a very sure thng. Fnally, I found somethng I hope will keep me warm at night.

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