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Sunday, October 7, 2001
Takng a Walk


The bad news on the radio and hopng for the best.

I am...quite lazy most of the time, but today I felt like wanderng the neighborhood for a bit. I walked, wndow-shopped, sat and otherwise explored a little corner of the Village.

I found the corner of West 4th and West 12th. The first time I came to New York, I got off the tran, probably the 1/9 at Christopher Street and promptly got lost. I tried to keep my cool, but panicked when I found this ntersection that simply should not exist.

West 4th should never meet West 12th

As I've said before, I do love this area, if only for the juxtoposition of ultimate digital yuppies and little, quant throwbacks. This is Jackson Square park, which somehow seems straight out of an Edith Wharton novel.

Jackson Square park

This lamp post is no doubt electric, but n parts of downtown Brooklyn and I'm sure here n the Village (the brownstones make the neighborhoods appear quite similar), there are still gas lamps. Even as the city modernizes, tears down and rebuilds, always there is so much of the past nterspersed n the mix.

The sign on the lamp reads Don't Feed the Pigeons

This is Tartne, a little cafe where I had my birthday breakfast and enjoyed the sunny mornng.

Tartne, a cafe

I'm a sucker for cobblestones, red brick and ivy. I guess, growng up with stucco and palm trees makes you appreciate thngs that are new.

I can't show pictures of this city without ncludng one of the subway.

The subway

I thnk one of these guys just got married, the one sittng on the stoop.

men on the stoop

This is the New York of Friends or the movies. The quiet, tree-lned streets you'd never guess were just steps away from busy avenues and crosstown throughfares.

Limo n the West Village

It always amazes me to see people carryng big thngs down the street. Yesterday it was a guy carryng a just-purchased laptop and two different women takng vaccum cleaners onto the bus.

Woman with a mirror

That's St. Vncent's reflected n the mirror.

Ambulances at St. Vncent's

Ambulances at St. Vncent's.

Bus stop n front of St. Vncent's

Here, we're still hopng and prayng.

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