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Sunday, October 7, 2001
Returnng to My Self

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I am...creatively awake for the first time n what seems like ages. The whole summer was taken up with movng, job huntng, turnng 30 and tryng to enjoy all the warm weather stuff I could while I could. Now I'm ready to settle n for wnter and make my little room more homey, n addition to makng time for the creative pursuits that make me so happy.

Luckily, I'm borrowng the laptop for a few more days and, while I will do some work, I've desperately needed to do a little design. I can't thnk of the last thng I designed, but I'm guessng it's been about six months, snce I moved here n June and the three or so months before that I was consumed almost completely n relocatng and sendng out resumes.

I'm gong to try to fnish my portfolio this weekend. We have Columbus Day (or, as it's known n Berkeley, Indigenous Peoples' Day) off work, which I don't thnk I've ever had off, even n elementary school. Anyway, I'm glad for another day to do some creative work, explore the city and have time to myself.

I've got to do it for my own sanity and also to keep movng along on the path I want to stay on. It's not like I'm gettng rich beng a secretary, so how difficult could it be to make my relatively moderate salary dong the thngs I love? After all, I possess many talents, so I have potentially numerous services to offer. I've got to thnk outside the box, as it were.

This is the same old story, feh!

. . .

Friday night there were protestors n Times Square, near the armed forces recruitng center there. I've thought a lot recently, that prior to the WTC attacks, it's neon-lighted walls were the only American flags to be found n Times Square.

tm_sq_protest100501 (14k image)

I'm sorry the pictures didn't come out better. Their signs read, if memory serves, "Our grief is not a call for war." I got teared up, seeng dozens of people: still, holdng hands, standng vigil. You'll notice they're standng right n front of the ABC News studios and ticker, but I doubt quite seriously that there was a bit of coverage.

tm_sq_protest100501b (12k image)

The flag thng is overwhelmng; it's out of control, as evidenced by the patriotic Jell-O served n the cafeteria Friday night.

patriotic_jello (12k image)

It's strange, when you thnk of it, that this country was founded on Christianity, and yet we're so very rarely Christlike. We not only don't turn the other cheek, we start slappng first and for no good reason.

Make no mistake -- I deplore the actions of terrorists, of course, but the U.S. has done the same all over the world. I honestly hope this is a time for us to try somethng different. If we fight fire with fire, we'll all get burned, as the events of September 11 so shockngly showed us.

army_truck_noho (10k image)

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