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Sunday, October 7, 2001

Tranng Day, and feelng like a voyeur. The shots of that car are strangely pornographic.

Don't Say A Word, another attempt to prove that women fnd Michael Douglass sexy. Catherne Hyphen Jones must be on some really great hallucnogens.

The Deep End at Angelika Film Center, which I wasn't very sure about, though my friend was nsistent on seeng. I thnk I liked it the best, the cnematography was gorgeous, as was Goran Visnjic. Maybe I'm shallow after all. I'm a sucker for a tall man with good cheek bones and an accent.

Lili Taylor (agan) n SoHo.

Flyers for a missng doctor all over town. They especially stand out because they're n full color. There are also so many of them, where most you see are only posted once. It just makes me very sad every time I see them. It's been almost a month, there's not much n the way of hope left.

Less and feelng better, fnally.

That I was workng on the rescue effort and nstructed people to skip an elevator, because it was hopeless. A few seconds later, its doors opened; nside, it was pristne and full of people

To Joe Frankln playng big band music and 50 year old radio dramas ("Brief Encounter," with Greer Garson and Van Hefln).

In the middle of the night and disturbng the woman beneath me, a "workng girl" (she's n her '50s, mnd you). I really can't figure out what part of me sleepng from 10 pm to 8 am or fixng code or writng is disturbng her. I honestly can't remember dong anythng that should be remotely loud.

Pizza and Veal Sorrentno at Da Nico n Little Italy. It was great, though we'd both been n the mood for marnara sauce and they didn't do Southern Italian food.

Red, red wne -- which would make Fang proud. Just one glass, though -- which would make her shake her head and call me a lightweight.

A Hedwig wig, or at least the foam Farrah 'do headband. I hope they try to market those.

Over laptops...I can never make up my mnd about what to get. Not that it matters, snce I couldn't afford one at all, but hey a geek can dream.

The cornholio who signed me up for the Daily Devotional email on LivePrayer.com -- there's a special place n hell for you, fucko.

I am...all wound up after two days of actual social activity. I can't sleep now.

Friday night after dnner, my friend n the room just above mne asked if I'd like to go to a movie. She wanted to fnd a theater we could sneak around and see multiple flicks n. Of course, Kymm's favorite, the AMC Empire 25 has recently usurped the title of best Theater-Switchng Venue from the Loew's E-Walk across the street.

My friend's paper was outdated, however, and Hedwig was no longer playng there. I saw it a few weeks ago, but figured it was worth seeng agan. It was playng n the Village, but when we arrived they said Serendipity was playng the rest of the night n that theater. At one pont, we went nto what she'd checked out and decided was Hedwig, but which was, nstead, Serendipity.

There was far too high a ratio of employees to theater-goers and the latter took their jobs far too seriously. We decided to get dnner, because the giant popcorn we'd bought was stale and only makng us hungry. Besideswhich, we were gettng the serious hairy eyeball from the ushers. It hadn't been so very long snce dnner, but she was as determned as I'd been earlier en route to the bathroom -- she was on a mission! We went back to the theater and saw what we'd actually paid for -- Don't Say a Word. We were able to switch to a late show of Tranng Day when the theater was a bit less crowded.

It was really a bad venue for theater-hoppng and particularly awkward to do it with another person. It's easy enough to be nconspicuous as one person, but two is far more difficult. Plus, we had to communicate our ever-changng plans and she never could seem to hear me or wasn't payng attention, so I had to repeat myself and she couldn't seem to whisper worth a damn. Really, perhaps a better solo activity.

I wonder if the reason I can't stand most people I've dated is some vestigial effect of beng an only child. I'm used to only takng my needs and desires nto consideration and it's really hard to do thngs that come so easily by myself with someone else, particularly someone I've known but a short time. Spendng two days with this friend was really a challenge and I found myself gettng so irritated. I'm probably doomed to be alone -- someone pass the batteries.

. . .

yahoo_sign (11k image)

Today we spent mostly n SoHo, which is so unlike me. I could probably count all the times I've gone there for anythng.

soho_lofts (14k image)

Indeed, the first time I went nvolved comng back 3 times n one day for a series of job nterviews. Everyone loved me and they kept callng me to come back. I cancelled my other nterviews that day, imagnng myself n that big loft, its pipes panted bright red, which I took as hip and funky. The COO adored me. I'd been asked to write a letter explanng why I should be hired as part of the nitial nterview.

When I came back later that mornng to meet with him he said, "I always tell everyone here that you Americans can't write, so I was doubly impressed with your letter." He even told me to ask for about $10k more than I had n mnd and coached me on negotiatng with the CEO. He enthused about my skills and told me I'd have my own laptop, Palm and all sorts of amazng benefits. We chatted about San Francisco

Everyone liked me, that is, but the Big Boss who I'd waited around to meet with until long after 5. His first question, "Why are manhole covers round?" was so out of nowhere, I actually heard brakes screech n my head.

east_houston (13k image)

First, we went shoppng n NoHo. Or, rather, she shopped and I sprayed myself with as many testers of bath products as I possibly could.

noho_buildng (13k image)

The man plan was to see another flick at the Angelika Film Center, one of the few theaters, it seems, that I'd yet to go to n the City. That's not true, actually, as Film Forum and The Archives were the only other art houses I'd been to previously.

After the movie, I persuaded her to walk down to Little Italy for dnner. I'd only been once before, for my friend Fil's gong away party two years ago. There is so much to see and do n the city, but often I go back to the same places agan and agan, almost as by muscle memory. I've really got to take advantage of all there is to see and do here and try new places and new neighborhoods more often. There's so much to see and do, I've got to spread it around.

bot restaurant n SoHo, complete with pretentious web-design-nspired decor (10k image)

At any rate, today was a good day -- for friendship, creativity, exploration and contnung to move forward.

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