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Friday, October 5, 2001

The sidebar is fallng asleep at the keyboard.

I am...noticng that the traffic, crowds and everyday stresses of New York are back n place. Even the tour buses are full, which they were not all summer. Still, we've got remnders everywhere.

I love New York more than ever (8k image)

Antonella noted on the Bitchboard that she never realized before how out of place American flags seem n New York. It's the world's city, really.

bus_reflection (7k image)

I thought the people relected n the bus' ceilng was nterestng. Commuters are affectionately known as "strap-hangers" here -- for the straps and holds on the subway and buses.

It's amazng how easy it is to get sucked back nto the grnd. If September 11 was one of those life-changng days, then somehow it doesn't seem to have rubbed off around here or else everyone is sharng their own margnalization.

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