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Friday, October 5, 2001
Basking in the Glow

The sidebar is marvellng at all the purdy lights.

I am...still n love with Times Square. When I got off the Port Authority bus Sunday evenng, I headed across the street to the Hello Kitty store. I had spent too much money n Ithaca, so alas the shower curtan, bath rug and no-slip bath mat are yet to be mne.

Instead, I dodged the ran n a cab and started snappng shots. That's one way to cope with gridlocked traffic.

Fnally, here are some photos that I thnk are as lovely as Times Square itself n the ran.

tm_sq_taxi_ran1 (16k image)

tm_sq_taxi_ran2 (10k image)

The Empire State Buildng from Times Square (10k image)

The fant blue light is the Empire State Buildng -- it's been red, white and blue ever snce...

Note the flag n the cab wndow. All buses have them, most busnesses and just about every cab.

tm_sq_taxi_ran3 (8k image)

tm_sq_taxi_ran4 (10k image)

tm_sq_taxi_ran_loews (10k image)

The normally red, glittery letters of the massive Loew's E-Walk theater are an American Flag now.

tm_sq_taxi_ran5 (16k image)

Leavng Times Square behnd.

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