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Friday, October 5, 2001

Antonella's drunken fratboy neighbors.

Heartless Bitch Antonella n Ithaca ("Ithaker").

SoCal Cool Girl Jennifer, visitng relatives n upstate New York and all over the East Coast. Now I thnk I've seen all of my closest friends from California here on the East Coast (JohnE, Fang, Mom & the Boy, Dorothy, Trace and now Jennifer).

Israeli cab driver who hit on me on the way to the Port Authority. He was 60 if he was a day. I do like the accent, sort of French without the edge of pretention.

Nauseous the whole weekend, for reasons I cannot fathom (I know what you're thnkng -- bite your tongue! Besides, Zeus hasn't visited me as a shower of gold n recent memory). It was all I could do not to puke all over the back of the Trailways/Adirondack bus Sunday afternoon, especially snce I had to stand from Ithaca to Bnghampton.

Ithaca is gorges!

On the Cornell Suspension Bridge. It looked like a 1/4 scale model of the Manhattan Bridge.

Rock Star, which was fun and groupilicious, but the whole Seattle coffee/grunge thng was hilariously predictable. If you go see it, stay for the openng credits, they burn the fuck out of Mark Wahlberg.

Serendipity, n a sneak preview, which we saw listed when we came to see Rock Star. In my next life, I would like to be Kate Becknsale, with both Jon Cusack and John Corbitt n love with me, please. Really, just throw n Angelna Jolips n her police uniform from The Bone Collector (heck, why not Denzel, too!) and we could all live very happily, ever after.

The Others, this year's most fucked up, plot-twisted freak out flick. On the bright side, Anto and I agreed it was told from a far-too margnalized perspective and that's worth somethng, right?

State and Man, Startup.com, which we rented. I only have three words to say about those two: Kaleil is a jerk.

Adorable babies everywhere. It must be n the water up there!

A little girl with red, glitter shoes, e.g. ruby slippers, which matched my sparkly, now-chippng birthday pedicure.

The actual ivy n the Ivy League.

Ithaca's transvestite. Really, it's no trick to do that n New York, but it takes massive cojones (and garners far more acclaim) n a sleepy college town.

Whenever possible.

"I was New Kids on the Block's Knky Sex Toy!" -- the best prank, ever.

I am...back from another weekend sojourn. My friend Jennifer was visitng upstate New York from California. I figured it would be a darn shame for her to come 3,000 miles and us not get n a visit. She couldn't make it nto the City, so I met her 5/6th of the way.

Fall was just startng to dot the lush, green landscape of upstate New York and Pennsylvannia with bits of crimson and gold. It was lovely. I love the City, but sometimes you've gotta see big, fluffy, happy clouds.

Happy clouds, somewhere n Pennsylvannia

We stopped at a McDonald's somewhere in Pennsylvannia, which had a Hollywood theme, for some nexplicable reason.

McDonald's somewhere n Pennsylvania

Hollyweird McDonald's n PA

When we pulled out, I could see that there was a cemetary just next door to the McDonald's. I can only hope that was beef.

McCemetary n Pennsylvannia

Concidentally and quite fortuitously, I snarked on the Bitchboard at Antonella not emailng me before she visited NYC last week. She said she thought I'd be too traumatized for company, which was probably true. She graciously extended an open nvitation for a visit.

Downtown Ithaca

I figured if I could see them both, great, if just Antonella, great as well. It's always a joy to meet a new bitch. So the deed was done. In another stroke of luck, I already had a vacation day planned for Friday. Dorothy was supposed to come to D.C. over the weekend to jon the World Bank protests, but they decided not to come, what with all the nsanity. Jennifer let me know of her plans (she was supposed to visit earlier n September, as I recall) before I had a chance to cancel the day off.

Hooray for vacation days and all my other benefits kickng n last week! I am especially excited about my health nsurance offerng 60 shrnk visits -- you can't have too many right now.

Hooray also for bitchies -- Anto and I bought Jesus action figures (mne has his arm recoiled, like he's fixn' ta bitch slap Judas), shopped on the Commons, ate Mexican food (with refried beans, thank you very much) everyday and bought sex toys. I can't thnk of a more complete weekend! She was the most gracious hostess I could ask for, even givng me some batteries so I could make the Clitopatra rock my world.

Then there was Jennifer. I thnk at this pont all of my closest California friends and family have met up with me here for one reason or another -- Fang, John, Mom and the Boy, Dorothy, Trace and now Jennifer. It was great to see her smilng face, that little bit of home I especially need right now. We had Mexican food agan and I pretended to be an old hand at the Ithaca Commons, showng her around and buyng more kitsch, ncludng the black devil duckie. Fang's gotta be jealous.

Ithaca Commons

Giant kitchen gadgets

the Sun n the Sagan planet model

Jennifer & the ivy n the Ivy League

Almost before it began, our short visit was over and Jennifer had to get back to her relatives' place for more family bondng. We hugged our goodbyes, she promised to visit next year and we took our customary self-portrait.

Jennifer & I n Ithaca

I really loved the Victorian houses there

Church with steeple n Ithaca

Then I boarded the Adirondack/Trailways bus, bound for Manhattan. It was so crowded, I spent the hour to Bnghampton standng, fallng on the guy n the back seat, tryng not to vomit and, fnally, sittng out the bumpy, curvy country roads n the eensy little bathroom so as to avoid fallng and makng the vomittng less nconvenient for my fellow passengers.

Trailways potty seat

No Foreng Material n the toilet, please

Trailways potty seat, part deaux

Apparently Bnghampton is quite the happenng little burg, so there were plenty of seats on the bus for the rest of the trip nto the city. No matter how many times I go away, I am always taken aback by that first glimpse, somewhere around John and the Dramarama boys' home town of Wayne, NJ, of my city.

view of the City from Jersey

I need to get away now and agan, but it's so great to come back home agan.

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