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Monday, August 27, 2001
29 for 23 more hours.

Birthday Week presents #5 and #6, a gold charm nscribed "Make a Wish" and an amethyst stone, respectively.

Not my latest Wish List item from Amazon...Rob's doorman wasn't there when the UPS driver came. : ( But more pressies to look forward to tomorrow -- hooray!

Like a member of the Stupid Club. I can't complan too much, as my boss gave me tomorrow off. He also left a very sweet birthday card (and cash -- hurrah!), sayng how glad he is to have me on board. I could go a week on a compliment. Thankfully, they aren't a rarity here.

I am...down to the last 23 hours of my '20s. I stop countng after this year. If I'd been smart, I'da stopped countng at 22, like my grandma.

I'm pretty scattered, because there were a million thngs to do this weekend, between my birthday and the move. As it was, I put them move off by 3 days, snce I'm housesittng for Rob until Monday and the rental period starts Monday as well. Also, it gives me a bit more time to pack and not freak out.

I need some cheerng up, what with havng to scale down my planned spa day (aka Operation: Holy Shit, I'm 30!) and gettng only cancellations for my birthday dnner, thus far, so I'm just focussng on the fact that I get to go to the spa at all AND still move nto the new abode. So here's somethng good -- the view from the new place:
emp_st_view_fr_wv (8k image)

To the north, you can see the Empire State and Chrysler buildngs.

wtc_view_fr_wv (6k image)

To the south is the Word Trade center. These pictures were taken near sunset, thus the ethereal, shadowy quality.

devil_duckies (9k image)

I'll be nearer to Tah Poozie, AND have my own bathroom -- so this family of Devil Duckies shall be mne!

. . .

Today, while walkng back from buyng my birthday cake, I saw what I thought was a cardboard cat on one of those hi-rise scratchng posts. It was real ndeed, so I did a little pettng and then noticed all the little kitties nappng n the wndow. What a saccharne moment!

kitties082701 (12k image)

One of the reasons I want to get nto my own place is so I can have a cat. I really grew accustomed to cuddlng with Salem and I miss it. The plan is apartment and kitty n 1-2 years and baby n 5-7.

kitties082701b (11k image)

I wish I'd had my prnter here n New York, as this would be the image on my birthday cake. Alas, it's digital and I didn't have a whole lot of money to waste prntng it at Knko's.

me_42nd_st_musical (12k image)

Cleaned up or no, I love Times Square.

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