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Sunday, August 26, 2001
30 n 3 days

Birthday Week present #3 -- a ticket "Good for Three Wishes" -- and #4, a sngle, striped, blue candle.

My $100 rebate from Palm, I'll consider that a birthday present.

Postcard of Big Ben from Ana.


A little girl on Sixth Avenue carryng teensy turtles n a wee little aquarium; the rooftop view from my new home; more restaurants, lounges and bars than n my previous 2-year stay n New York.


A very dignified-lookng man, about 60 years old, comng out of Knko's sayng, "If he does that agan, I'll punch him n the fuckng mouth!"

A woman on the tran say, "My father is an estate attorney. His clients die and that's the idea."

To the West Village next weekend -- hooray!

Gay Street, just off of Waverly n the West Village which is pretty redundant.

I am...takng over the Birthday Prncess crown from Ana. I'm practically down to countng the hours. It's been a pretty good week thus far.

Today I came nto the city to order my birthday cake and fnally take the picture that will go on it. It's my birthday and I'll be self-absorbed if I want to.

Afterward, I went to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Bob talks twice, WTF? O-ee, O-ee, O.

I went to the bathroom and then snuck nto Legally Blonde. I feel stupid payng for a movie I've already seen, but I really liked it, almost as much as Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Then, after forgettng all week, I had a Polaroid taken n Times Square for my birthday cake. Unfortunately, the guy didn't seem to understand the meanng of "from my head up," despite my hand gestures and I had to do it three times. He only charged me for materials for the second and third one, but at least I have the picture of me with the Cup O Noodles, though I'm not sure it will come out right on the cake.

I confirmed the reservation for Tuesday night. I just hope to have 10 people, so it's worth the restaurant's while to book the belly dancer. I'm a bit worried that the food's too expensive for a group, but I hope we can eat somewhat communally, like at a Chnese restaurant and have a bit of everythng. That's the only requirement for the venue I didn't stick to -- they have comfy seatng, live jazz and world music and the mighty, mighty belly dancer that completely swayed my decision.
Now I've just got to make it until Tuesday!

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