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Tuesday, August 28, 2001
Massaged, Waxed and Relaxed


The nscription on my cake:

"Holy Shit! I'm 30."


Birthday Week present #7 -- a tny, heart-shaped charm.


Broadway, rock and soul classics that may or may not be the orignal recordngs.




It up somethng fierce up n this Hojo's!

I am...startng to make good on my plan to drnk early and often this birthday.

I decided to forgo the brunch I'd had planned n exchange for another 90 mnutes of sleep. It's a sad day when sleepng n past 9 am feels snful, but it was great for my first conscious thought to be, "I would've been at work for a hour and a half by now"

The spa ponted me to a friendly little place on West 4th street, where I enjoyed a croissant and jam. Usually I eat them plan and somethng so simple as jam was a nice, little extra. It is a wonder to feel the sun on your skn and a cocker spaniel at your hip (the dog belonged to the woman behnd me, he was afraid of the cars) when you'd normally be stressng out about stupid, office stuff.

if only this were my regularly-scheduled life, I could really get nto startng the day with a pedicure, then movng up to a facial and culmnatng n a massage. This last was so good, I didn't know whether to fall asleep or die a little death. Just for the record, Biore Clear Pore strips have nothng on Olga. No more blackheads for me!

Now it is just a waitng game, to see who will and won't show up. While some people have legit excuses, I do consider it a test of friendships. Yep, I'm petty like that. Truth is, the important people DO mark it n their own ways, just as I would do somethng like decorate Fang's cake to look like a graveyard.

For example, this mornng on her way to work, Dorothy called to sng "Happy Birthday" to me n her best Marilyn Monroe. I honestly had no idea who it was at first. It didn't cost her much and it was so special and thoughtful. That's what I try to do for friends on their birthdays. I enjoy presents, but presence is the most important thng.

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Replies: 2 comments

Hey Erica!

Happy, happy birthday *BIG bitchy smooch*. I haven't had a chance to chat to you n ages! Hope we meet up soon and thanks a million for the postcard - it was damn phallic - so I now have it on my pn board.


P.S. have a drnk for me!

Posted by Netra @ 08/29/2001 12:35 AM EST

"Estas son, las mañanitas, que cantaba el rey David, hoy por ser dia de tu santo te las cantamos a ti..."

Happiest birthday ever, Erica!

Besos y abrazos ~ Sandra

Posted by Sandra @ 08/29/2001 03:14 PM EST

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