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Monday, July 9, 2001
Enjoyng Fne Film and Food

Double Indemnity, a classic film noir with Barbera Stanwyck no less and an unusually snister Fred MacMurray. Excellent use of music, dialogue, shadow and light to set the mood.

Salmon fillet with honey-mustard glaze, veggies, a glass of chardonnay and the yummy dessert wne. Best of all, it was comped, because somehow the waiters ignored me for almost an hour.

not my friend Chris, because our cell phones don't seem to like each other much. Mne has some crazy man argung with a woman named Josephne nstead of my name. It's positively possessed.

Skyscrapers all around the edges of the park, it's amazng to be n an open space this large.

In the long-ass lne to pee.

I am...sippng thick, sweet desert wne after a very fne meal at the Bryant Park Cafe.

Once agan, I'm at the Bryant Park film festival. As a brief aside, I hope ya'll aren't disapponted that I'm not gong to A-list parties (and certanly not ridng to them with Lizzie Grubman -- ouch!), the trendiest clubs and name-droppng like a mo. That's not my New York, that's my friend Brad's New York.

It's amazng how many people come for this. They brng picnic dnners, wne, blankets, chairs and even babies. I'm above the man lawn on the second floor outdoor patio. I've long looked up at this patio from the lawn and thought "that's the place to see the film."

I have long been a fan of alfresco dnng, it's the plentitude of which I really missed when I left New York. Maybe it makes me imagne I'm n Paris. I felt the same way at Cafe Du Monde n New Orleans. Too bad they only serve desert, you can only lnger so long over that. It's the lngerng that I love most, it's such a great luxury to take one's time n this fast-food culture.

This set up is all the better for the film -- food and film belong together. I'd love to open a little cafe where I could cook a couple of specials each night and show a movie, all the better if there's some cohesive theme between the film and he food.

I guess it's like watchng a video at home, because I'd love to have couches like the Red Vic Moviehouse n San Francisco. There's just somethng extra about watchng a film on the big screen and sharng that experience with a dozen, a hundred or a thousand other souls. Even new releases aren't quite the same, because no one knows if they'll like them. With festivals and revival hourses, people are there becaue they want to be.

So there you are, another little dream of mne. I feel the time of fruition growng closer.

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Erica, you truly have a way with language. You make NYC sound like the Emerald City, and I'm just dyng to be Dorothy. I'm so thrilled thngs are workng out for you. Missng you much on the BB, sheepishly hope you got the wares n time, (I'm sorry, Miss Jackson, I am for reeeaaal...) love and bitchy kisses... TNQ

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