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Saturday, July 14, 2001
Pamperng Myself


Sex & the City, seasons 1 and 2, n lieu of a handful of new video releases or A.I.


"Sex is not a time to chat. In fact, it's one of the few nstances, n my overly-articulated, exceedngly verbal life where it is perfectly appropriate, if not preferable, to shut up. And now suddenly I have to worry about beng stumped for conversation?"

Miranda, n "The Awful Truth," second season.


Lucky later this evenng -- woohoo!.

I am...layng around naked, eatng my favorite goodies (big spnach salads with basalmic dressng and shrimp parmesean) and meetng friends.

Rob's n Montreal for the weekend, so I'm house-sittng and takng care of his kitty. The cat doesn't especially like me, unfortunately. I thnk I was too rough and attentive with him as a kitten, beng more used to the desperate-for-affection style of dogs. Mostly, he sits by the door, moanng and waitng for his daddy to come home.

While I feel bad about that, mostly I'm spendng time with friends who are much more fond of yours truly. Last night I just laid about, the perfect end to a hard work week.

This afternoon I met with Heartless Bitch T at the beloved little anglophilic hole n the wall that is Tea and Sympathy. I, of course, overslept quite shamefully until 5 mnutes before I was supposed to be there. The shameful part is it was 2 n the afternoon!

That wasn't bad enough, apparently, because I only realized once n a cab that all I had was a $100 bill. I'm no Daddy Warbucks, it's about all I have left at this pont and I only got the big bills from the bank to save space n my wallet. I ordered dnner n last night, so I used all my change. That mnor glitch was solved easily enough with a quick stop at ShitiBank, then off to Greenwhich and Jane..

I lived n all 5 boroughs and all over Manhattan n the two years I was here before. In all of those months, I never discovered there was a Greenwich Street, as well as a Greenwhich Avenue, both of which ntersect with Jane Street. Major D'oh!

Fnally, I found poor, patient, hot T just about to give up on me. Thank goodness she didn't. She's one of the most brilliant, funny, articulate people I've ever met, so we're great dnner companions.

We tawked between stuffng ourselves silly with fnger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and other goodies. We weren't entirely traditional, we did commit the blasphemy of havng peach tea. Looks like I'm not the only one with job drama this last year. I was terribly worried about her, snce I hadn't heard from her n ages and someone else answered her phone at her job. Turns out that ended and she's now at the cusp of weirdness on the job after that. Thngs happen quickly n this town.

After the scrumptious afternoon tea, we checked out the little store next door that sells tons of lovely thngs we don't need. I realized it's where I get most of Fang's gifts, but I didn't fnd anythng for her this time. We headed to Carry On, Tea and Sympathy, which sells tea, tea pots, clotted cream and any number of Anglophilic snacks, videos and gifts. They seem to be takng over the block, as now they've got a teensy, little fish 'n' chips place that makes the seatng at the restaurant look like an embarrassment of riches.

We parted a few blocks away n Chelsea and I wandered up a bit before catchng the bus back her to Clnton (or, as it was known back n the day before the gentrification, Hell's Kitchen). I'd been lookng forward to a pedicure snce I fnished job huntng, but this was my first chance. I don't know what it is, snce I'm not generally the girly sort. I swear, the streets here are especially hard and abusive on even my wide, flat, peasant feet, so it's one of my ndulgences. In the end, my feet -- a feature I've never been proud of -- feel, smell and look better

Now it's time to put them up n Rob's big Lazy Boy while I enjoy the second half of my spnach salad and shrimp parmesean and a nice glass of wne or too. It's been a difficult, exhaustng few weeks gettng my life back, so I figure I deserve a little TLC.

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