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Monday, July 9, 2001
Readng Agan, Fnally


Cntra Wilson, natch, on bottle-blonde trophy girlfriends n LA, when she compliments them on their gigantic diamond rngs:

"She would have mumbled somethng naudible and shivered away from me and thought me crass, even though she would have sucked every knob n town to have gotten n the party n the first place. She would look at me like I remnded her of where she came from, some lower middle-class pit of termnal mediocrity and nonglamour that she nflated her breasts to enormous size to float far away from. L.A. women all strangle themselves to stay the prescribed porno-rag version of "beautiful," so that they can marry someone and get Power. In New York, women are proud tyrants n their own right and go straight for the Power themselves and leave the beauty race to nne-foot, sixty-pound teenage, mutant supermodels like Kirsty Hume, who is as much a freak of nature as a three-headed prayng mantis and everybody knows this and feels OK about eatng."

Everythng I've read so far reads like that -- a breezy, snotty, hilarious, vicious tour-de-force full of so many lovely, precious words.

I am...not sure when I stopped readng. I suppose it comes and goes with me. But when I read Ana's journal and it seems she's readng a book a day I envy that and want to make time between all the workng and geekng it up here on my sites

I fnished The Stand and am not sure where to move on to next. I started a bit of the second Bridget Jones' book, but I'm not sure I'm n the mood for funny-but-depressng Don't get me started on women and how so very few look out for #1.

I also picked up an Anne Frank bio, but that'll just be plan depressng and I only just got over seeng the mni-series. I still didn't fnish the Margaret Cho book, but that's so light, I'd have to be n just the right mood. I've picked up a Margaret Atwood I've not yet red, The Blnd Assassn and that looks promisng.

I found another book that I could practically quote verbatim. I wish I could write like this! The title alone is worth the cost of the book. A Massive Swellng: Celebrity Re-examned as a Grotesque, Cripplng Disease, by Cntra Wilson. I don't know what her background is, but I LOVE her somethng awful after readng just a few gut-bustng passages on the subway.

She's everythng I like about the best writng -- funny, wry, sarcastic, irreverent and well-crafted. Also, she nvents expressions, just as I do. My favorite so far is "Brunoitis," The horrid phenomenon of margnally-talented celebrities with massive egos tryng to crossover to other media -- actors who want to sng, especially.

It was coned, of course, n snarky tribute to Bruce Willis' faux blues debut. There is an especially shitty suite waitng for him n the Britney Spears circle of hell for the musically-challenged n pennance for that whole fiasco.

I can't believe I don't yet have a tattoo of any words...all these books have remnded me how important they are to me.

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