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Friday, June 22, 2001
Yours -- Come What May

Seeng... Mouln Rouge, which probably explans a lot. It wasn't what I expected from Dora's recent non-review. Listenng... AlternoDaze compilation. I know I was only n 8th grade, but how could I not realize how dirty "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood was? Thnkng... Oh goodie, another morose entry -- just what all the kids like! Quotng... "Marriage is a great nstitution, but I'm not ready for an nstitution." -Mae West

I am...not sure when, how, why, or even if I'll ever get over you. He knew this and so when I said he broke my heart, we all secretly knew he was wisely guardng his own.

It's all been said before, I suppose. I've tried, I really have. Someone told me once never to compare people, that it's unfair. I don't mean to, but always somewhere down the road I realize that once agan someone didn't measure up to you.

I'm eternally thankful you came along when you did, but it's hollow comfort night after lonely night. I still have my adventures, my friends and even lovers -- but the promise of you comes back to remnd me what I'm missng.

I'm not bitter, or even pnng away at every moment. It just occurs to me out of the blue how thngs are and how they should be. What it does is make me crazy to ever doubt the truth of somethng as clear to me as my own name.

I miss you even when you're right here. I always knew they didn't love me -- how could they? Somehow, I am always sure of you.

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