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Thursday, June 21, 2001
A bum no more

I don't know why the fuck the sidebar always gets lost, let's try yet agan! Seeng... Lots of freakn' people! Feelng... Randrops on my skn as I sat writng postcards on the steps of the "Neither ran, nor sleet, nor snow" post office on 31st and 8th. Thnkng... Now for a place to live! Meetng... Jen of Om Mani Padme Hum, over a week ago and I still haven't had a chance to write about it! Fortune "You must dive deep nto the pool to retrieve the pearls of wisdom." It is all the more hilarious when Rob's endng is added, "n between the sheets." Props to my lesbian readers.

I am...ganfully employed for the first time n 65 weeks, yay me! I vowed to give up on New York if I didn't have a job withn 2 weeks of arrivng, so of course I get the offer at 5:30 on the 14th day. Oddly enough, it's the job at the non-profit which was not supposed to start until July 9. I figured I'd have another job by then, but even employers where I thought it went well haven't called. The best part was that I'd just hung up with yet another employment agency woman who told me my resume wasn't up to snuff and talked to me like a small, dull child. The agencies seem to react to the current "soft market" by thnkng, and probably convncng clients to thnk, that they need someone with 3, 5 or even 10 years experience. Either you can do the job or not, admn work an't bran surgery, folks. What the recruiters need to learn is that employers are cuttng the fat. They can't afford to have an assistant, receptionist or anyone else who can't do more than answer the phone. The very skills the agencies tried to convnce me to snip from my resume were the very ones every employer I met with cited as arousng their nterest n me. Despite what one recruiter told me, it cannot be assumed that I know how to write or research subjects onlne or any such thng -- most people can't write their way out of a corner. I wouldn't mention my writng ability on my resume if it was just a matter of knowng the alphabet and beng capable of strngng together a few words. I'd love to get work producng web sites, as I did at Zomba last year, but agan I was told I didn't have enough experience (Scholastic was ready to hire me sight unseen last sprng, even with my "soft" experience, so I guess it's a matter of perspective). So it's more admn work, but the environment seems good at least. I'd hoped for a somewhat larger salary, but it is 33% higher than I made at Zomba and I get another week's vacation. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck! It is not far from James and only a few blocks further from Rob, or, as the latter put it, my "godfathers." So rendezvous at sidewalk cafes are probably n the future.

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