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Friday, June 22, 2001
Not the Mistress of My Domains

People walk along 6th Avenue.

That, in New York, before I can grab my bottled water from the guy at the Bodega, it's in a bag with a straw and two napkins.

To some whiny man explain why he won't invest any more in a documentary.

John Lee Hooker and Carroll O'Conner. What a sad week.

My former co-workers. It's weird not to just walk into the building. I have to be escorted.

Johny's chicken pizza pita. He's the man.

I am...really flipping out that I don't have control over my own domains. Just try proving you are you to Network Solutions, I dare ya!

The good news, as I believe I've mentioned, is that I found free hosting. How much does that rock? The plan was to migrate my sites to the new host and the savings pays for my Palm.net service. Great.

I moved all the files, I hope. Then I tried to change the hosting information Network Solutions has to point to my new host. Unfortunately, though I vividly remember changing the contact email address for all of my original domains to erica@ericajackson.com, NetSol still has my old San Francisco State email address on file. That account was yanked just months after I registered my domains.

In case of just such a situation, registrants can fill out a form which generates a fax to NetSol certifying you are who you say you are. They also require a copy of your ID and any bills with the same address. Keep in mind that, in the past 3 years, I moved from San Francisco to New York, had about 8 addresses within the NY metro area, moved to Southern California and now am back in New York. Jeez, do I need a permanent address -- my stuff, in one place.

By some sort of miracle, I found the original invoices for imericaonline.com and somecrazydame.com and, thankfully, a copy of my phone bill from the same address. This is particularly miraculous as I only lived there for the awful, hot, electricity-less summer of 1999.

I generated the fax form, scanned and printed a copy of my California ID (it was too much to get to a Kinko's in Southern California) and faxed the whole thing to Network Solutions. As far as I know, they haven't responded at all. Neither the domain host nor my email address have been changed in NetSol's system. It's been 3 weeks, so maybe they are just behind, but I'm assuming they laugh at my pathetic attempt to prove I am me.

Really, who the fuck else would be erica@ericajackson.com? Besides the other Erica Jacksons, of course, but I beat them to registering the domain, so there!

My last hope was having my current web host make the change for me. Asking a lot of them, I am sure. That's like breaking up with your lover and asking them to fix you up with their friend.

I haven't had a response from Dreamhost or the Technical Contact for my domains until today. Turns out I entered the NIC handle for the Technical Contact incorrectly, JJ805 instead of JJ1805, so the random guy who is accidently my Tech Contact no longer has the email address InterNIC has on file.

It's so pathetic that I'm writing about this in my journal. I love having my domains as a place for my writing and photography, but I really don't like having to think of them this much. It's the paperwork that gets you down in this day and age and don't even dream of getting an actual person on the phone.

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