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Monday, June 18, 2001
1 n 10,000

Watchng... cartoon -- The Gamblng Bug feature -- Viva Las Vegas Hearng... Subway conductor -- "4 tran to 'DA BRONX!'" Feelng... Embarrassed when I rose to shake hands with a headhunter with the chair stuck to my ass. Seeng...

Martn Short near Virgil's BBQ around 45th and Broadway. I was lookng for a place to pee, so there was no time to ask for an autograph. Besides, it's New York, not L.A. -- I've got to practice beng aloof. But we're talkn' Ed Grimley, here!

I am...at the HBO Bryant Park film festival, one of my favorite summer events n NY. More later.
. . .
Lookee here -- I've actually returned to fnish an entry for a change! As they say, the festival is like a drive-n without the cars. It remnds me a bit of the Red Vic moviehouse n San Francisco. I like layng out on my TWA blanket that they wrapped me n when I barfed all over myself when I was 8 and enjoyng a nice dnner. The first year I used the long wait for dusk to write n my journal.
Viva Las Vegas was a perfect first movie for the festival. I'm not sure waht this year's theme is, or if there even is one. The first year I moved here, 1998, the theme, much to my delight, was New York.
Of all the Elvis movies, I'm glad they picked this one, because I didn't see it when I holed up at the Days Inn Graceland, watchng the free, 24-hour Elvis movies. However, I saw at least one other n which he was a race car driver.
Gee, that Ann-Margaret sure can shake her hips, no? Her pelvis was a match for Elvis' -- quite a feat.
The crowd sang, cheered, danced, clapped and snapped its fngers. I thnk that's the only way to see an Elvis movie -- with 10,000 sngng, dancng, fnger-snappng film buffs.

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