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Tuesday, June 12, 2001
A West-Sider

Why am Idong this? Why did I wait so long to do this?

The East Village

A job, already! I've only been here six days, but I want to get gong.

I am...dryng off for the second time today. Why do I always nsist on movng to New York n the summer? I looked at the A&E sign n Columbus circle today and it said the weather was "hot and humid." Well no shit! I can't wait until August. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't wearng polyester shirts everyday. What was I thnkng when I shopped? I'm out of a job, agan. I didn't figure the temp job would last the entire 4 weeks, but this is a new depth of pathetic nability to hold a job. I thought it was too good to be true -- fndng somethng usng PageMaker all day, nstead of secretarial work. It should've been a tip off that the pay rate was $17.50, when the gong rate for desktop publishng is $20-25 an hour here. I was happy to get above $15, but it did sound low for the skills required. Of course, so were my test scores, which is why I was surprised they sent me on the job so quickly. I scored n the 90-100s on every other program (Word, Excel, PowerPont, Access), but n the 70-85 range for PageMaker. I was thus quite surprised when the woman at the employment agency raved about my scores and said she had a job for me. I'm only sorry I wasted the time gong to the job this mornng only to have the client tell me right off it wasn't a good fit. I am just not very strong n PageMaker yet. I did well n my class last semester, but don't have much use for it n my personal life to help retan what I learned and build stronger skills. Anyway, the day wasn't a total wash, as I used the free time to reschedule the nterviews I had cancelled due to the job and arrivng later than orignally planned last week. Indeed, withn mnutes of leavng the client's office, I scheduled an appontment with a large, well-known non-profit for later n the afternoon. I figured my best bet, with a rapidly dwndlng supply of cons, plenty of time and an unlimited metropass, was gong to my friend Rob's to make calls for all of the appontments I cancelled. I even got to put my feet up n his big, fluffy reclner for a bit and listen to the construction workers next door tellng each other to "git outta my fuckn' way!" Ya gotta love New York. I passed another construction site after I left Rob's and saw this classic, broken-nosed, musclebound guy n a hard hat, smokng a fat, little cigar. I am probably the only person on earth who fnds New York accents charmng. I don't quite understand why I like big, burly guys on the street, but eschew the nevitable chauvanism and muscles. Of course, my head is also turned by girly chicks more often than I'd like to admit, though I thnk girlness is a conspiracy for womento waste their time, money and energy on nstead of more productive pursuits. I am one, big walkng contradiction. New York is far from perfect, as am I, but it seems to fit, somehow..

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