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Sunday, June 10, 2001


Somehow, it always works out.

The World Trade Center, if I lean out the wndow.


The soulful mix tape Dorothy made for me. It was just the mellowness I needed to catch up on my rest this weekend.


A job I don't hate. It's not a career people, I just want to make an honest livng, so I can pursue my career.


Canned soup, crackers, tuna and other such delicacies this week.


Not much, I haven't had the time. Now that I'll be workng n one place, nstead of job-huntng all over the place, I should have time for readng agan. Then it's back to I'm theOne That I Want by Margaret Cho.


Defnately no time for that, unless you count showng James' girlfriend all my sites Wednesday night.


Of fame, glory and a paycheck.


The "Welcome Back Kotter" theme song, because here I am n Brooklyn agan. The funny thng is I slept through most of the "Welcome Back to Brooklyn" celebration today. I needed to put away the rest of my clothes and catch up on all the sleep I've missed the last three weeks.


The idea that my resume has "too many words." There is no such thng!


The rhthym of the city.

I am...gettng settled. I'm pretty much out of money, as usual, but I have stocked up on rice, pasta, crackers, canned goods and other cheapo, fillng foods that don't require refrigeration. Snce the refrigerators are public, I'm not takng any chances of losng food. What I have right now has got to last, or else I am fucked. Story of my life, really. You'd thnk I'd know better. I could've done without the Palm of course, a cell phone wouldve been more practical. Knowng myself as I do, however, I knew I'd go mad without the contact with my friends and without beng able to update my journal. The nterviews have thus far gone well. The University liked me and my test scores were excellent (Word and typng), but it turned out to be a centralized human resources department search, rather than for the specific position listed. The HR department then forwards qualified candidates to the departments that seem a good match. The HR director seemed to like me, but said they tend to take a long time on searches, often losng out on the best candidates. I showed up for the nterview with the PR firm and they forgot I was comng because several appontments had to be rescheduled, due to the owner gong on a last-mnute busness trip. The fnancial officer I spoke with seemed to really like me and was impressed by my resume, but I would not be workng closely with him, plus he's leavng shortly. I had scheduled a tentative appontment to meet with the owner for tomorrow. The advertisng agency I nterviewed at seemed a good bet. It wasn't far at all from the record company I used to work at, so I know the area. The position available is the Executive Assistant to the President. The receptionist answers his phone and he does a lot of his own correspondance, so I would do more project-oriented work and be the hard-ass, pushng everyone to meet their deadlnes, especially when he is out of the office. I always wanted to be a hard ass. My last nterview of the week was to be the Executive Assistant to a handful of executives at a wireless communications company. The position pays a lot less than most of the others I nterviewed for, but there is one month's vacation. That would make Europe this much closer, though I don't know if I could afford it on that salary! It's a young, casual, open environment, which would be a good fit for me. Maybe I'm not picky enough, but they all seemed good. I wouldn't mnd workng at a start up (I'm always behnd the trends), or n the Empire State Buildng or at a university (free tuition -- woohoo!) or n an airy office with arty furniture. It's not the workng I mnd, it's the nterviewng. I suppose that explans why, yet agan, I took the first thng offered to me -- a temp gig for the only agency that didn't try to tell me my skills, resume and/or experience were "soft." I'll be dong desktop publishng at a big company that shall not be named, and thus fnally usng bits of my education -- the PageMaker course from last year and some writng and editng. I need the cash flow right away, to say the least. Of course, it's through an agency that takes a week to process the payroll, which means two weeks before I see a dime. Who knows, maybe it will turn nto somethng permanent or else another company I nterviewed with Thursday or Friday will decide they can't function without me. Hey, it could happen.

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I am such a dork!!! I kept gong back to your old journal wonderng where the heck you were updatng to. It wasn't until I read your last email and saw the lnk that I realized you had changed it. Grrrr!!!! I'm about to catch up on all your entried.

Posted by Sandra @ 07/02/2001 12:58 PM EST

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