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Friday, June 8, 2001
Krazy for Kitty

I am...almost 30 years old, but the sight of the Hello Kitty store n Times Square turned me to goo moments ago.

I now must spawn -- because there is a Hello Kitty high chair. Indeed, one could decorate their entire home n HK style -- pots, toaster ovens,, toilet seat covers, you name it. I want it all, but I will settle for the cordless phone.


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Replies: 2 comments

This is off your topic, E, but I didn't thnk you'd get to the BB to see my post...

You won the diarist net award for best rant, first quarter 2001!

Major congrats!,
and Happy NY to you.


Posted by bon @ 06/10/2001 04:03 PM EST

I know, my delicious bon bon! Isn't it amazng? A Diarist award and New York all n one week? Glad you're readng.


Posted by Erica @ 06/10/2001 10:44 PM EST

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