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Wednesday, June 6, 2001

The loss of Julia Roberts' bodacious booty and J. Lo's, too.

I am... watchng Mystic Pizza on the plane. I forgot Conchatta Ferrell was n this movie. Who knew a decade later Julia Roberts' would refer to her as "Krispy Kreme" n Ern Brockovich?

Where did Julia Roberts' bodacious booty go? It's a thng of beauty, I must say. At least it was. Let's observe a moment of silence for the loss of Julia Roberts' big, juicy onion. Another victim of the Hollywood dream machne.

I'm a bit disapponted that I couldn't paste the text from my Palm nto GreyMatter. There must be a way. If nothng else, I will have to resort to short, haiku messages throughout the day. I just don't want to write a long entry nto the site, for fear of losng it. I could've sworn I've cut and pasted before. I've been testng all this for weeks.

I am anxious and excited, I suppose I've said that before. I didn't fall on my face the first time I went to New York, so why would this time be any different? Of course, the first time wasn't a complete success, but how many people do you know who can move to New York with $1000 and no apartment, real close friends or job waitng on the other end?

I'm really likng the keyboard, I know I mentioned that. I was gong to return it, but if I fnd a job quickly, I guess I will keep it. It's a marvel, let me tell you. Folds to just over the size of the Palm itself and unfolds to almost full-size. There's a bit of fnger drift, but not as much as I expected.

I knew I had arrived at SFO when there were huges ads for the Palm VII as you exited and entered the skyway. Classic.

Just had enough time to go to the ATM and grab a bagel and bananna at Noah's. I guess I can do a comparison with H&H Bagels. Turns out I didn't need to buy anythng because the "snack" on the plane turned out to be a sandwich, macaroni salad and Milano cookies, I couldn't even fnish it all. I was expectng peanuts and a soda.

Oh well, it'll make a good breakfast on the way to my new home. I was a special knd of stupid, as Jeaneanne Garafalo would say, and forgot to eat for most of the last 4 or 5 days. Not havng eaten, I can't trust my short term memory, let alone my math skills. I'm like this before every move, vacation and even short trips.

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