Sunday, February 18, 2001

Heavier, steadier flow...big, juicy clots.
. . .

Currently fuming and formulating a response to a a society that has robbed women of their history, spirituality and the pleasure of their own bodies.
. . .

How can we fight female genital mutilation abroad when women with too much money on their hands
submit to it voluntarily and pay handsomely for it?
(link) posted by Erica Jackson 2/18/2001 12:41:06 PM

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Lightish flow, bright red, but lots of fat plooks.

By the way, contrary to the lack of comprehension of porn-oriented Gen-Y males, "plook" and "squish" aren't sound effects. Rather, they describe how different kinds of flow feels. Squish is a burst of liquid. Plook represents the passing of clots large enough to feel. Often they're hot.

For every masturbator, self-hating woman or woman-hating man who responds to Bleed, I keep it up because it's far outweighed by the mail and links from people who get it and get that it's not about me, but about a silence that was deafening, in American culture at the very least.
(link) posted by Erica Jackson 2/15/2001 10:51:41 PM

Friday, February 02, 2001

On again, off again. Jeez!
(link) posted by Erica Jackson 2/2/2001 01:00:22 AM

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