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Blood Buddies
Blood Ties
Bleeder Mail

Museum of Menstruation
articles and photos about all-things menstrual.  From the latest studies and products, to the menstrual sections of 19th century catalogs -- your MUM has it all, including a link to Bleed!

The Red Spot
All about periods.

The Tampon Health Site and also has first-hand reviews of alternative menstrual products.  Don't miss the sidebars to the Village Voice article.

First Moon
A kit to assist girls and their loved ones through her first period.

Many Moons
a great resource. for more links.

Blood, Power and Gender
A university project about menstruation in Western Cult-ure.

Moon hut
A virtual version of the a long lost female bonding and teaching tradition.

Menstrual Journals
Started years ago, around the same time as mine, though I did not find it until January 19, 2000.

A menstrual journal inspired by Bleed.

Other Personal Writing
The Disgruntled Housewife's favorite tampon.  She prefers bleeding to the alternative.

Menstrual Chronicles
Pamie's hilarious take on her cycle.

Icky Girlie Things , yeeeeeew
Jen gets graphic about her Aunt Flo.

Menstrual Art
Are You There God?  It's Me, Margaret
One of Judy Blume's best known books, it was my introduction to the impending changes to my young body.

A Friend Comes to Visit
A documentary about menstruation, available on video.

The Menstral [sic] Album
Finally...music to bleed by.

Blood is scary -- get me the hell away from this bleeding bitch!