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Sunday, June 1, 2003
Winding Down in Manchester

To high heaven, but that's just the way it is. Thankfully, Fil let me shower and do laundry.

I am...so thrilled I came, despite the lack of funds...better to come and have some experience than to keep putting it off until one can afford to stay at the best hotels.

It was all lovely, though I was a bit tired and sweaty to enjoy Amsterdam as much as I wanted. Also, down to 20 Euro yesterday, so I only got to the Anne Frank House, not the Van Gogh (9 Euro!), so now I must go back. Met a nice British guy in a coffeehouse (he offered to buy me some spacecakes, as my joint was full of tobacco and didn't quite do the trick), we'll meet again when he and his partner come to NYC next month. Love that aspect of travelling alone.

Loved Paris! Not as bad as Americans say and I met some great people, especially the two guys from Versailles. Also, flashed my NYU ID and got into the Catacombs for free! Big German guy farted the minute we got down the 4-5 flights of spiral stairs, as if there weren't enough unidentifiable smells down there, among the majority. Also was lost at Pere Lachaise cemetary and only found Proust's grave, not Gertrude Stein or Jim Morrison's. Oh well.

Got lost coming out of the Catacombs and ended up going to a restaurant in an outer district and having Quiche Loraine (2 slices), salad and chocolate mousse for under 10 Euro.

Of all I've heard of the partying and red light district, no one's ever mentioned to me how lovely Amsterdam is. The canals, bridges, people, everything! Loved it.

Also, opened my eye for a moment in Antwerp, so I've been through 4 countries this week and am spitting distance now to Scotland, Wales and Ireland. If only there were more time and pounds sterling to see it all.

Am now in Manchester with my friend Filomena. Off to the pub, then back to London tonight and NYC tomorrow afternoon. What a wonderful trip!

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