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Thursday, May 29, 2003
Riding on the Metro (Paris)

The best crepes et croissaints ever.

very little French

Like crazy, it's been hot in Paris, even more so than London. Didn't expect that. I got sunburned at the Eiffel Tower.

The Seine, Notre Dame, La Tour Eiffel -- everything!

I am...falling in love again. Paris has blown my mind!

Am staying near Pere Lachaise, where Jim Morrison and I think Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas are buried, will try to do that in the AM. Met a couple of Frenchmen in front of the Eifel Tower and they took me to dinner (yes, I received another indecent proposal). Thank goodness, I have so few Euro left and still a day in Paris, one in Amsterdam, then Manchester for a day and back to London for a morning.

Called Rafe, for some stupid reason, but he wouldn't meet me on last minute notice. Blow jobs just don't pay. I'll remember that the next time someone requests one.

My trip is not affected by the strike, as I took the Eurolines bus. I bought a mini pass, and travel on to Amsterdam Friday night (arrive Saturday morning).

Today I wasted a lot of time and only have until tomorrow at 9 pm. I was lost for two hours in the neighborhood near Pere Lachaise, where the hostel is. Will try to see it first thing tomorrow, but debating on what to do. Did not make it to inside of Notre Dame, Louvre, or Eiffel Tower, but saw and photographed all three. It is so fucking hot, I wandered around for 2 hours looking for the hostel and couldn't speak nearly enough French (it's an outlying district, so no one spoke English, until I found a Russian girl), so terrifying. Finally found it, showered and headed out at noon.

Met a couple of Frenchmen at the Eiffel Tower and we met later for dinner. They paid, thank gawd, because I am down to $22, 20 pounds and 70 Euros. Still have tomorrow in Paris, then Sat in Amsterdam, Sun in Manchester, if I can save enough Euros for the ticket (26 pounds), then a morning in London before I go home. I've been lost a lot in both cities, buy always found a great diversion, so being lost was a blessing.

May ask my Manchester friend to buy the ticket and I'll pay her back on June 15. Otherwise, another day in Amsterdam, perhaps? Exciting and scary!

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