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Wednesday, September 18, 2002
A Friend of L

From a friend who I wasn't sure was still a friend, after this year of muck. It just warmed my heart so much to hear her voice. She said I sound so entirely different now, she can tell what a change this job truly is. It ain't glamorous, but it allows me to do so much more with my life.

Very sickly about the recent mishaps in ways I simply cannot share here. But hey, they can't sue for libel if it's true, right?

That King of the Hill episode in which Boomhauer is mistakenly committed to a mental institution and Dale, then Bill are committed as they try to free him.

My 'hood.

I am...considering converting. I love all these extra holidays! Of course, most of them are in September and fell on Saturday, but still I had 2 holidays this month off entirely (instead of just Labor Day), one 3/4 day, one 1/2 day and another 3/4 day this Friday.

Monday was Yom Kippur and thank goodness for that. I hadn't planned for the whole hospital, other chick and dumping thing on Saturday and Sunday, so the extra day really came in handy. I ran errands, had afternoon tea for the first time in ages (wonderful, as most people were at work!), and enjoyed the Monday manicure/pedicure special at one of the nearby nail places. I deserved a treat and thoroughly enjoyed the foot, leg, neck and shoulder massages.

Although L and I'd had only just enjoyed my belated birthday on Thursday, I called and asked if I could see her on Monday. I was still a bit hurt, but mostly overwhelmed and incredulous over the sudden turn of events and needed to talk with a friend, in person. L is very even keel, non-judgmental, but also sarcastic -- it's a delightful blend.

I sat on the sofa in her office and just enjoyed the serene environment and her toys. She invited me home to have a delightful dinner with her and Pop. I'd only been up there once before, but things weren't quite the same without her beloved cat Fred, with his little, red scarf.

The apartment is this gigantic oasis, by Manhattan standards. They've been there forever and the way the apartment is situated in the hallway makes it nearly impossible to subdivide. Her entry is the size of my entire room and I pay nearly as much. Damn rent control.

One of the things I like most about her apartment is that it seems so much more homey and lived in than most I've seen in New York. I attribute that to her having lived there for 30 years and being the sort of person who cooks and has a Christmas tree every year.

It was nice to help her cook, have a glass of wine, learn to eat artichokes and commune with a dear friend.

She has a nice blend of traits. She might appear to be the whitest person on earth -- she couldn't be much more Scandinavian-looking. Yet she's a product of New York City -- tough when she needs to be, sarcastic when applicable and above all, a survivor. If I had to be stranded with one person on a desert island, I'd probably pick L.

L grew up on the Upper West Side before it yuppified, with two artist parents. She's got the street smarts, but the culture and refinement, too. This is such a contrast from a lot of the poseurs you meet who really do wear those $400 strappy bits of nothing shoes like on Sex and the City and wonder how the hell they walk on the horribly abused streets here until you realize that they no doubt take cabs everywhere.

L is the kind of person I just intuitively know is a genuine friend. She's stable in every sense of the word, doesn't have some weird racial issue time bomb waiting to go off and has an incredible sense of humor.

I've been thinking a lot that I didn't have many friends in New York and how much that sucks. But I do have a few who are wonderful. L is certainly in that group.

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