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Sunday, September 8, 2002
Remarking at the Difference

The sidebar wishes you a gut yom tov!

I am...going to be spoiled by the high holy days.  On Friday, the office closed at 1. It was quiet as a tomb, anyway, as most of management is at least Jewish, if not rabbis and cantors.

I decided to walk across 41st Street, as it's not as hectic and crowded as 42nd. I had double-booked myself, so it was great to have the extra time to myself before the hectic evening to come.

Creepy nail hands on display

Creepy nail hands in the window of a midtown nail salon.
 I particularly like the ones with lacy, fingerless gloves.  So classy!

The Great Satan

Growing up in a redneck town, it's weird to walk by giant,
conglomerations, to have a building to associate with the name and products.

East 41st Street

East 41st Street

Francis Bacon quote

Noticed this Francis Bacon quote on the sidewalk and really
enjoyed it.

Construction on E. 41st Street

Construction on E. 41st Street; the city is ever-growing.


The main branch of the New York Public Library.

Cab passes NYPL

Cab whizzes by the NYPL.

NYPL lion

NYPL lion with a pigeon on its head.

5th Avenue flair

It's unfortunate this was facing the sun; I liked the contrast
of the older building in front of the modern, windowed skyscraper.

5th Avenue, facing 42nd

Waiting for the Fifth Avenue bus, facing 42nd Street.

Limo reflection

Too bad I was on the bus, this would've been a great Mirror

. . .

Construction in the West Village

Construction in the West Village

Jefferson Market Library

The Jefferson Market Library looks like a cross between a castle and a monastary.

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