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Sunday, January 6, 2002

See the gallery from New Year's Eve, fnally.

Honey Dip't Chicken and skn-on smashies from Chat 'N Chew.

The same clothes all weekend, hooray!

Over Legolas, much to my shame. What can I say, he's so graceful and angelic. Orlando Bloom does nothng for me without the Legolas wig and costume.

A Legolas-nspired version of the Shaft theme song. That's one bad-ass elf!

This hilarious movie on the mystery of Britney's Bazoombas.

All that time off. Don't you ever wish that was your real life? Just sleepng, travellng and takng pictures. Oh yeah, and shootng lots of pool.

No one outside my buildng for days.
Lord of the Rngs, obviously and Kate and Leopold, because I lust Hugh Jackman.

Now off to fnish the Wallace and Gromit DVD.

Fang we gotta fnd some way outta here.

What's the pont n livng n New York if I'm so broke and tired I rarely leave the house? Maybe it's just a wnter thng.

One of my two friends here (n my buildng) has now decided to pretend I don't exist. I got irritated with her after havng to repeat everythng I said four times for weeks and so she decided she didn't want to "have to walk around on egg shells" around me.

I mean, jeez, it was fuckng frustratng! It's not like it happened once or twice, it was a constant and once I fnally lost my temper.

I accommodated her weird nsistence that we go out on Monday nights, even though there is no reason she nsists on studyng on Saturday (she doesn't work, just takes a few classes), which is the only day I can go out. I guess it was lop-sided, so it's just as well.

Where Legolas has been all my life.

I'm never gong to have sex agan, unless I can seduce one of the lesbians or senior citizens n the buildng.

All knds of smack, just nevermnd me.

I am...happy to report that the client site that's been draggng on for months on end is fnally fnished. It was a good lesson -- to use contracts and set ground rules.

Not only was he n constant contact with me, callng 3 times a day (plus emails) for weeks, demandng help with non-design related issues, sidetrackng me on unrelated projects, etc. He also decided at some pont that we'd agreed to a total amount n four equal payments. What we agreed to was an hourly wage, which, when I sit down to calculate it, will equal about 3 times his total payment.

When I was n Indiana, he wrote blamng me that the site wasn't complete because I'd gone Christmas shoppng and went to visit relatives for both Thanksgivng and Christmas. I told him it was a 4 hour a week project that took up that much of my time just n phone calls and emails and thus when the 4 hours were up each week, I stopped workng on his site and resumed work on other projects.

Anyway, I'm glad it's over. I wasn't just dong the site for him, I was teachng him everythng about the 'Net and computers at the same time. He also wanted me to go up to his apartment, make me dnner and have me teach him how to use his computer. Even if he wasn't 130 blocks away, there is no way I'm gong up to his apartment alone. No way. Uh huh. Nyet.

That's pretty much how I spent today. Well, that is, after about an hour of downloadng photos of Legolas, my new secret boyfriend. He's an Elvish love machne!

legolas_desktop (20k image)

I walked out of the theater after seeng Lord of the Rngs with a Legolas-nspired parody of the Shaft theme song n my head. You know, "Who's the Elf with the bad ass bow? Legolas! Damn straight! He's a baaaaaaad mutha- Shut yo mouth!" Needless to say, I was completely enthralled with him.

It's just sad, really. Of course, I do realize he's just a certan someone n a blond wig with a bow and dare I say it? Quiver.

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