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Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Celebratng Early and Often

At the production goomba who grabbed me to ask me to walk a block out of my way because they were filmng and made me miss my bus last night. Like I care if Backdraft 2 or whatever crap fire-fightng movie (I saw the wardrobe trailer parked n front of work) gets made. Fucker.

The first of my tny, birthday week presents from Tah Poozie -- a fortune:
In a major matter, no details are too small.

Legally Blond
I loved it completely and was tempted to go see it agan over the weekend. Instead, I slept.

Times Square (so many pictures, so little time to optimize them), Central Park, East Village and the not-so naked cowboy.

Over laptops, so I can get back to regular updatng with tons of pictures agan.

One of the younger, blonder Baldwns. I can't really tell them apart.

Geek Love, by Katherne Dunn. Freaky. When I saw friends readng it n San Francisco n '95, I thought it was about my knd of geek -- you know, nerds. So I didn't bother to read it until now. Disturbng.

I am...gong to be 30 n 6 days. I hope. Two of my friends have lost their best friends this summer before they turned 30. One was a few months before, another a week before. To quote the nimitable Evilne -- don't nobody brng me, no bad news.

It's been a helluva stressful summer with the move, havng my stuff spread across two additional places, the new job with too much work too little pay and a desk n a busy hallway (perhaps it's my destny to have ever-shittier jobs, so I'll fnally write that book and get it over with -- fear of my lack of marketibility be damned...I keep remndng myself that Kafka was a thankless patent clerk who asked that his manuscripts be burned upon his death), and still no real home of my own.

I had an apartment of my own n San Francisco at the age of 24 with my same bad credit and 1/3 the ncome. Surely, if anyone can buck the odds, I can. To be honest, I haven't tried very hard. I see the ads and freak out at the rents, far too ashamed to make many calls and disheartened at the few I do. On Sunday I passed a real estate office and stared n, walkng as slowly as possible, like a child with her nose pressed aganst the toy store's massive display at Christmas.

I guess I want it all, that's my problem. I'm havng trouble acceptng the limitations imposed upon me by parental loonacy and my own screw ups. One or the other would have been sufficient.

So, at the moment, I am distractng myself with birthday plans. Where should I go? Why don't you decide? You have until Friday to cast a vote for:

*Morrocan restaurant -- with 10 guests, we get a belly-dancer.
*casual place, music, pasta, wne, outdoor seatng, reccomended by a former coworker
*casual place, Karaoke, sofas, reccomended by Jen
*Place on the water offerng a "water table" on which dishes and complimentary champagne and desert float

I went from havng no options to havng too many to choose from n just two days! Hooray! I may have to throw 3 or 4 parties.

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