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Friday, August 17, 2001
Speakng Thousands of Words

The sidebar is sufferng from nervous exhaustion.

I am...short on words these days. I'm thrilled that now I can have photos agan, but I don't have nearly enough time to download, crop, edit and upload them. Still, it's a big improvement and somethng I missed greatly.

Here are some photos I took n Times Square last Tuesday between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 am. I love that I can take photos at night and they are perfectly clear and bright.

The new ABC studios.

abc_tmsq (12k image)

The Apple Jack dner, that is always closed when I want to stop n. It sure looks closed, doesn't it? How many places do you know that close at 11:40?

apple_jack (10k image)

Baby Yankee shoes.

baby_yankee (9k image)

Huge new TV screen -- it's several stories tall -- those squares n the middle are the wndows. I bet it's freaky to have your office there.

big_tv_tmsq (9k image)

Howard Johnson's n Times Square. They have $3.25 drnk happy hour -- and after the recent nsanity of work, I am begnnng to understand how people become alcoholics. Two drnks and I was relaxed both mentally and physically and forgot the day's stresses completely. Frightenng.

hojo_tmsq (11k image)

Come for the Midnight Gas.

hot_dog_cart (14k image)

lights_tmsq (13k image)

Man sleepng n the Citibank ATM vestibule, 56th and Broadway.

man_vestibule (8k image)

MTV's birthday cake. It's amazng how much the foam actually looks like cake.

mtv_cake (13k image)

The irony beng the mannequns are to thn to have ever eaten cake.

mtv_fork (13k image)

newstand_tmsq (12k image)

Even the police precnct has that flashy, Times Square action gong on.

nypd_tmsq (13k image)

Half a dozen people gettng their portraits drawn on Broadway n the mid-40s.

portraits_tmsq (12k image)

Obnoxious, 2-story advertisement for Shaquille O'Neal and/or Swatch.

Ahaq_tmsq (10k image)

It seems we spend half our life underground n NY.

subway_tmsq (10k image)

tkts_booth (12k image)

trumpet_tmsq (10k image)

virgn_tmsq (14k image)

It was so nice to be able to wander the streets at that hour on a borng-old Tuesday and have plenty to see and not face scary, deserted streets.

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We were on time square that night!
:-) and we got married n central park on wednesday, because we eloped.

Posted by Melody @ 08/18/2001 04:30 PM EST

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