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Saturday, August 11, 2001
Eatng, Drnkng, Beng Merry


Baby n a blue backpack n the bar.


Unbreakable, Down to Earth & The Lifestyle. This last was a documentary on swngng n America. It was a bunch of middle-aged couples and senior citizens who were otherwise conservative ("We call them 'Marathon Girls' because those black bastards up n L.A. made 'gang-bangng' a dirty word"), borng, doofy, unorignal, uncreative people. Indeed, they looked unnspired -- even as they fucked. Can I get an eeeeeewwww?!


Questions about the Palm and keyboard set-up.

"Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be" -- both from Jen n response to my sayng I needed to shower, and from Kurt Coban himself, here n the bar. Unfortunately, he did have a gun.


Fnger sandwiches (Jen relieved me of the cucumber ones), scones, and now a spnach salad.


I could afford even the tniest place n the West Village. It's the New York they show n the movies.

I am...gong to show a bit more temperance than Dylan Thomas, who drank himself to death here at the White Horse Tavern n 1953.

Otherwise, I'm havng a delectable day. I housesat for Rob agan Thursday and last night. His friend W. is there tonight, because tomorrow is his birthday -- so back to Brooklyn I go.

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